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German Pinscher

German Pinscher



It is said that the German Pinscher is the biggest secret of Germany. This rare breed is brave, unpretentious, cool and stable, with excellent sense of humor. German Pinschers are versatile and docile dogs, which makes them excellent in obedience training, however, they can be quite stubborn and strive to seize dominance, so it is necessary to set the rules at the very beginning. This animal is a good guard and great companion.

Weight: 25-35 pounds  Height: 16-19 inches  Life expectancy: 12-15 years


The German Pinscher is very loyal, alert and playful dog. He does require proper socialization at young age, as he is very wary of strangers, nevertheless, he gets along perfectly with kids and other pets. These energetic dogs get great pleasure from the company of their owners.


The German Pinscher is excellent and lovable pet. He barks only when it is really necessary, however, from his point of view, it may be quite often. But this has its advantages- you will always be warned about the guests visit. A dog of this breed must understand that, when the house is empty, he is completely responsible for everything that is going on there, but the owner takes over as soon as he comes home.

Coat / Care:

The coat is short and dense with smooth, glossy hair. It`s close-fitting to the body and covers it evenly. This breed sheds quite reasonably and requires very little maintenance. The only thing needed is to clean the dog with a rubber glove, in order to remove excess hair.


The key to train the German Pinscher properly is consistency. This is a very intelligent dog, eager to learn, therefore, the experience is easy and fun.


The German Pinscher requires a significant amount of physical activity. He is always ready to accompany you during jogging or even cycling, and he also enjoys long walks. The dog needs to be busy playing games in spacious yard, otherwise, he gets bored.

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