Greater Swiss Mountain Dog

Greater Swiss Mountain Dog



Greater Swiss Mountain Dog was developed in the Swiss Alps. This powerful dog excels in all sorts of dog sports, and because of his working heritage, he enjoys being busy.

Height: 23-29 inches  Weight: 85-140 pounds  Lifespan: 7-9 years


This is a strong breed with striking appearance. Swiss Mountain Dog is large, alert and powerful, slightly longer than tall. These dogs are particularly vigilant which makes them very good watchdogs. At the same time, the Greater Swiss Mountain Dog is courageous and fully capable to defend their family and territory. Comparable Breed: Bernese Mountain Dog.


Faithful and loving, the Greater Swiss Mountain Dog is considered a very good companion. Dogs of this breed get along great with children and usually behave very well with other pets. However, they have quite strong herding instinct, so they tend to chase smaller animals. Therefore, they should be taught how to behave at young age.

Coat / Care:

The coat is quite short and consists of two layers. The top layer is dense and somewhat rough, while the undercoat is quite thick and soft and must be clearly visible in the area of the dog’s neck. Shedding is of medium intensity. Periodical cleaning with a special rubber glove or a stiff brush is enough. This will minimize the hair loss. Bathing is not necessary.


Greater Swiss Mountain Dogs are sharp-minded and obedient. Sociable, active, calm and dignified, this breed needs an experienced coach. The Mountain Dog is eager to earn praise, do teaching methods should be built on love, respect and reward.


Dogs of this breed do not need a lot of physical activity. Hence, like any other large breed, the Swissy should periodically move in order not to gain weight. Swiss Mountain Dogs are well suited for keeping in a city apartment. The Swissy also serves as a therapy dog and search and rescue dog.


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