This is an incredibly intelligent and a very loyal dog. The Kuvasz (also called the Hungarian Kuvasz) is an ancient breed of Hungarian origin. He vigilantly guards his family and territory and that makes him an excellent watchdog.

Height: 26-30 inches  Weight: 70-115 pounds  Lifespan: 9-12 years


The Kuvasz is suspicious of strangers, and therefore he needs intensive socialization. This will prevent the excessive aggressiveness and shyness. Comparable Breed: Komondor, Great Pyrenees.


Even though these dogs have historically been used to guard livestock, they are becoming more popular as family pets. They behave well with children but should never be left alone without supervision. The Kuvasz is very affectionate toward his family, he is obedient and always willing to please.

Coat / Care:

The Kuvasz has a very beautiful thick hair, consisted of two layers. The coat is not smooth nor soft, actually- it’s a bit stiff, even rough to the touch. The undercoat is thin, dense, soft and slightly silky. The outer layer can be both straight and slightly wavy. This breed requires regular and thorough cleaning with a comb, down to the undercoat. This will remove the excess hair and keep the dog groomed. Dogs of this breed should not be exposed to warm climates, as they cannot tolerate the heat, both physically and mentally. While this dog breed sheds constantly in extremely hot climates, shedding is seasonal in moderate temperatures.


Even though dogs of this breed are very clever and docile by nature, they need a steady hand. Nevertheless, treat your pet with kindness and respect. The Hungarian Kuvasz is obedient and very successful at grazing.


The Kuvasz requires intense exercise on every day basis. Otherwise, he can become frustrated and aggressive. A dog of this breed needs an open space where it could run freely, without limitations. It is therefore desirable to keep this dog breed in a big house with a yard, at least medium in size.

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