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The Mudi is a herding breed that originated in Hungary in the 1800s. This is a hardworking and versatile dog, traditionally bred for the purpose of protecting and herding cattle and sheep. Nowadays, these dogs are getting very popular as family companions, and they are capable for hunting in any terrain. In addition, Mudis usually make great guards, they are used as rescue dogs, in a variety of dog sports and in conformation shows. This breed is still extremely rare outside its native land.

Height: 15-18.5 inches  Weight: 17-29 pounds  Lifespan: 12-14 years


The Mudi is very bold, agile, reliable and alert. This is a medium sized dog, which is distinguished by his expressive face, wedge-shaped head and erect ears. Mudis have a very high level of intelligence, they are daring and powerful in appearance.


The Mudi is a loving and gentle dog, which gets strongly attached to one family member. Since they are very playful and friendly, Mudis get along well with children. Moreover, with proper training, these dogs can easily find a common language with other dog breeds and small pets within the family. However, this breed does not trust strangers and will jealously protect its family and territory. The Mudi is a talented dog with a calm disposition.

Coat / Care:

While the head and limbs are adorned with short, straight and smooth hair, the rest of the body is covered with thick, shin, wavy or slightly curly layer. Coat color is usually black; however, white, yellow, gray and brown are allowed. Since this breed does not shed overly, it is rather easy to maintain. Hence, Mudis need occasional cleaning and brushing to look groomed. When it comes to bathing, seasonal bath is all this dog needs. Proper oral hygiene is very important in order to prevent bad breath and teeth loss.

Health Problems:

This breed is generally pretty healthy. However, the Mudi can be prone to hip dysplasia (this problem is very rare), cataracts and epilepsy.


The Mudi is naturally very smart, obedient and confident, which makes him very easy to train. Harsh or too oppressive teaching methods are completely inefficient. On the contrary, education must be based on positive reinforcement, and the teacher must be strict but fair.


The Mudi is a highly energetic and athletic dog that needs plenty of intense exercise in order to stay healthy. He thrives best outside the city, in a big house with a big, spacious yard. This dog breed loves to run, play ball or Frisbee. Therefore, Mudis are not suited for owners with inactive lifestyle.

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