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Driving With Dogs

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Driving with dogs


In general, a car is the best means of transport for animals. But, in order to make the dog as comfortable as possible while driving, few things are required. Campers or large station wagon with air conditioning are also very pleasant. Driving With Dogs

Since dogs tend to twist and turn during driving, the luggage must be well secured by a safety gate or net. This will keep your pet safe in case of sudden emergency braking. In many countries, even in Germany, there are security requirements concerning transportation of animals. If you choose to ignore the rules, you will be severely punished.

The dog must never be left alone in a car during summer, even if it is parked in the shade. The same goes for the spring and autumn. Regardless of the season, at least one window should be opened. It is important that the dog gets accustomed to traveling long distances from very young age. You should take a break every two hours, so that dogs and humans can take some rest. Besides, fresh water should be always on disposal, especially during hot summer days. Driving With Dogs

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Animals must always under control since animals tend to romp and play. It is mandatory to not to leave your dog unleashed in the car. This will keep both you and your pet safe from any externals. Driving With Dogs

As mentioned above, it is advisable to have larger water cans in the car, since the water is often chlorinated at rest stops. Long hours in a traffic jam is not a rarity, and without enough water on disposal, the dog can dehydrate fast. Driving With Dogs

Even though pets should not be fed before and while traveling, except for some treats, it is advisable to take sufficient food for the road. Keep in mind that it is rather difficult to find the usual dog food outside of Central and Northern Europe, and if so, at very high prices. Driving With Dogs

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