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Travel With a Dog By Train

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Travel With a Dog By Train


Make sure to plan your schedule in advance. Thus, your pet will have plenty of time to get accustomed to public transportation. It is advisable to visit the train station several times before departure, making sure to avoid the rush hour the first few times. Be sure to give the dog a feeling that such trips are completely normal. Positive reinforcement, such as food treats, will encourage the dog. Indeed, once the dog gets accustomed to traveling, it will be happy and enthusiastic about it.

Do not stress your dog and do not exert any coercion on him. For the first training session, it will be enough just to visit the train station. Afterwards, you should build the training over the next few weeks, by introducing short distances. If the dog shows stress symptoms (severe panting, sweaty paws, restlessness, urinating/defecating, tremors, salivation, excessive vocalization), stop the exercise and take your dog out of the situation. In this case, you must proceed slowly in order to accustom the dog to rail travel.

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Try to find a place where the animal can have a little rest, for example, under the seat or in a corner. Better yet, book a closed compartment for more freedom and peace. Bring your pet’s a favorite subject with a known odor, such as his blanket. Food treats will keep the dog busy and relieve it from stress. But, small portions are recommended in order not to overfeed the dog. Water is essential.

If you plan a long distance, schedule an extended connecting time.

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