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What to do if your puppy is suffering heat stroke

What to do if your puppy is suffering heat stroke

Regardless of where you live in the world it’s important to understand how temperature, in particular, hot weather affects your puppy.

A puppy’s normal body temperature is 38 to 39.2 Celsius (100 F to 103 F). If its body temperature rises to 40 to 43 Celsius (104-110 F degrees) then your puppy is in serious trouble. If you think your puppy is suffering heat stroke ring your vet immediately and seek advice. Click here for a comprehensive list of signs.

If you live in an area where the temperature does get hot keep ice blocks, bottles of water and towels at the ready.  Wrap your puppy’s paws in towels soaked in cold water. This will help bring its temperature down.

Lay your puppy on cool tiles in a cool room like a bathroom. You could even wet the floor inside or wet the grass outside.  Give your puppy ice cubes to lick.

You can help reduce your puppy’s suffering while you transport it to the vets by lying the water bottles next to its body. Wrap them in towels if they are touching exposed skin. Keep the air conditioner on in the car but be careful not to make your puppy too cold too quickly as they are prone to Hypothermia (getting too cold too quickly).

Have these things already prepared so you can remain calm and can act immediately. Consider parking your car in the shade or covering the windscreen on hot days just in case you have to transport your puppy in an emergency. If your puppy has heat stroke seek medical advice immediately – seconds matter so the sooner you leave the more likely your puppy will recover.

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