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Can dogs get pimples?

Can dogs get pimples

Dogs are just like people when it comes to acne. They tend to get acne as teenagers, but the only difference is that they are not self-conscious about it in the same way that people are. Most acne will be pimples, blackheads, or whiteheads that appear along the chin, lips, chest or genital area. If the area is irritated, then there may some bleeding or pus that can be expressed from these blemishes.

Dog Pimples

The blemishes become a problem when they become infected. Like the acne you get, the pimples on your dog can also become quite painful, causing them to rub their face against the carpet or furniture in an attempt to alleviate the pain. When they break open, they’re then open and susceptible to bacterial infections.

Like any skin condition, you shouldn’t treat your dog’s acne unless he’s been examined by a veterinarian. There are other diseases out there that look like acne and can be quite dangerous to your dog’s overall health if they aren’t treated properly. If your vet has confirmed that your poor dog is suffering from acne, they’ll give you some options based on what’s causing it.


Some causes are:

  • Genetics
  • Hormones
  • Trauma

Can dogs get pimples


Besides an obvious pimple, there are other signs and symptoms that your pet is suffering from acne. You might notice one or many of these dog acne symptoms:

  • Red Bumps
  • Elevated bumps under the skin
  • Small lesions filled with pu
  • Swelling
  • Blistering
  • Redness
  • Inflammation
  • Rubbing on carpet or furniture
  • Scarring


Depending on the cause and severity of the acne, your veterinarian may suggest the following solutions:

  • A change in diet
  • Switching from plastic to stainless steel or ceramic food and water dishes, and washing them daily in hot, soapy water
  • Washing and drying your dog’s face thoroughly after meals
  • Treatment with special cleansers, chlorhexidine wipes or medicated shampoos
  • A multiweek course of oral or topical antibiotics, or both

If necessary, your veterinarian may prescribe gels or shampoos containing benzoyl peroxide, the same thing you might use on your own skin. While it might seem like a simple solution, don’t apply your own acne medication to your dog’s face. The products you use are too strong and can make the situation worse.

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