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Can Dogs Eat Bananas

Can Dogs Eat Bananas

Can dogs eat bananas? On one hand, bananas are an exotic fruit that is especially popular amongst children. No wonder that our dogs want them. And by the way, bananas are very healthy and nutritious. Some four-legged friends especially love the crooked yellow fruits. But are dogs allowed to eat bananas?

Are bananas good for dogs

Yes, your dog may eat the banana. In fact, many vets believe that a banana is a very good and healthy substitute for many of the more fat and salty treats we feed our dogs with.

Giving a banana a day will not take the veterinarian away, but it is a pretty safe fruit to give to your dog. Attractive and ideal as a reward after a session of activities, it is significantly less risky than a fruit like grapes, which is highly toxic.

Do not feed too many bananas

In general, dogs are welcome to eat bananas. They are a wonderful addition to the menu. Bananas contain a lot of glucose and fructose. Especially for dog’s performance, but also during illness and convalescence, it can have a very positive effect.

Dietary fiber supplements the list of healthy ingredients. Therefore, bananas can also help dogs that suffer from indigestion. They have a stuffing effect and can relieve diarrhea or soft stools. Bananas can provide relief even for inflammation of the gastric mucosa.

The banana plant is native to tropical areas of Asia. When feeding a banana, caution is needed because bananas contain potassium. If a dog eats too many bananas, his heart muscle reaction can decrease.

Bananas are ripe when the peel has brown spots

If you feed banana, it should be really ripe. A ripe banana is easily recognized dark yellow skin and brown spots. Puree the banana and mix with quark and a dash of honey and your dog will love this. Alternatively, you can also feed dried bananas. They are ideal as a treat on the go.

Are banana peels bad for dogs 

Banana peels are very hard for digesting for dogs but are not toxic. Depending on how many are eating and how big the dog is, it could lead to blockage. You should consult with a vet if your dog ate something suspicious.

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Can Dogs Eat Bananas

Nutritional benefits for the dog

Bananas are known to contain vitamins and minerals, including antioxidants that can improve the health of hair and skin. They are also prescribed by some veterinarians for fighting against inflammations of the stomach and intestinal disorders. Also, if your dog has diarrhea, it is one of the most recommended foods. In large quantities, on the other hand, it can constipate the dog! It is best to talk with a professional before trying to treat your dog.

Bananas contain ten different vitamins, including high levels of vitamin B6. This vitamin has a positive effect on the nervous system. In addition, the fruits are rich in minerals, amino acids and trace elements such as potassium, zinc, calcium, magnesium, folic acid and copper. Too many bananas cause constipation!

Are bananas good for dogs with diarrhea? 

Banana diet is especially beneficial for dogs with diarrhea. As a rule, this condition causes loss of electrolytes such as potassium. One of the best ways to correct an electrolyte imbalance for your dog is to feed it with banana, as it is a good source of potassium. In addition, pectin, a type of fiber in bananas, can help relieve your dog’s stomach problems, as well as restore normal bowel movement.

As mentioned earlier, bananas are easy to digest, and even dogs with pancreatitis and kidney diseases and are on a restricted diet, may have this fruit in small amounts. All in all, the bananas are nutritious and are sure to benefit the dog’s health, but never force-fed.

An excess of bananas can be dangerous

Of course, abuse has its negative side. This fruit contains potassium, which can cause heart problems if it is ingested too much. Some dog stomachs may also be destabilized by a surplus of bananas, leading to constipation of your companion.

A healthy amount to eat would be:

  • Half a banana a few times a week – for medium or large dogs
  • A few small pieces a few times a week – for a small dog

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