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Can Dogs Eat Cucumbers

Can Dogs Eat Cucumbers

Can Dogs Eat Cucumbers? Dogs are allowed to eat cucumbers. You should be careful with cucumbers from your garden. Can dogs eat cucumbers like green cucumbers and pickles?

Your dog can eat green cucumbers

Cucumbers are very popular amongst us, especially as a salad. Due to their extremely high-water content, they are an ideal refreshment, especially for hot summer days. Cucumbers contain no calories and that’s why these vegetables are one of the healthy products. But what is good and healthy for us, humans do not necessarily have to be for our four-legged friends.

Are cucumbers safe for dogs?

Not all vegetables are equally good for humans and dogs, but, cucumber is. Cucumber can safely be digested by your dog.

It doesn’t matter if sliced or chopped, it is a great treat either way. Cucumber is also good for overweight dogs who are on a diet because it is not easy to challenge your dog to eat healthy food, but if they do like cucumbers, then give it to them. Having a healthy weight for a dog is important, because that way, conditions like arthritis can be avoided.

Cucumber as a light food

In general, dogs are allowed to eat cucumbers if they want them. Cucumbers can sometimes be ideal, especially for animals that drink little. They can be added to the food in small pieces, grated or pureed. Even with light food, the cucumber can be a good addition.

Can dogs have cucumbers every day?

As with any other food, it should be fed in reasonable amounts. Also, first time if your dog eats cucumber, you should wait for a while just in case of any adverse reaction.

Experiencing an adverse reaction with cucumbers or any other food needs an immediate attention and you should call your vet. Cucumbers can hurt dog only if they are given in large amounts which could cause a choking hazard, otherwise, they are safe.

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Can Dogs Eat Cucumbers

Cucumbers consist to a large extent of water

Cucumbers belong to the Cucurbitaceae family. Cucumbers contain about 95 percent water. They contain vitamins of the B group, vitamins C and E. Also minerals are abundant in the cucumber. These include calcium, iron, zinc, magnesium, potassium and phosphorus.

Green cucumbers are well tolerated by dogs. Most of the healthy ingredients are found in the shell of this vegetable variety. Cucumbers also have special enzymes that can cleave proteins. This helps with digestion. In addition, these enzymes kill bacteria in the intestines and ensure its purification.


Many dogs love cucumbers. Some even eagerly eat the inserted variety. If you are feeding pickles to your dog, be careful of how much he eats. Because vinegar, garlic and mustard seeds are not tolerated by a dog and in large quantities are even toxic. Cucumbers are easy to grow in the garden and are available for sale throughout the year.

Beware of Cucumbers from your own garden

Those who grow their own cucumbers in the garden should be very careful because it can contain Cucurbitacins which are very bitter substances. When buying cucumbers, the bitter substances are usually no longer available. However, if you grow cucumbers, squash and zucchini in your own garden, you should be careful to use new seeds every year.

Recognizing Cucumbers as a bitter poison

Cucumbers can even be life-threatening for humans. First signs of poisoning for a dog are vomiting, diarrhea, severe salivation and drowsiness.

Taking in a larger amount can cause the animal to be shocked and even killed. Before you feed a cucumber to your dog, just taste if it tastes bitter. If not, everything is fine and the dog can easily enjoy the cucumber. However, if the cucumber tastes bitter, it is better for you and your dog to not eat it.

Can Puppies Eat Cucumber?

Just as adult dogs, puppies can eat cucumbers too, but also be sure that they also eat other food except cucumbers because puppies need proper nutrition.

Puppies have tinier teeth and because of that, you should always chop cucumbers into small pieces so they don’t choke on their food. You can feed them with treats in order to train them and also get some nutrition into them, like a cucumber.

Are Cucumbers Bad for Dogs? 

Can Dogs Eat Cucumbers? Are Cucumbers Bad or Good? Cucumbers do not contain any fat but offer a good snack full of vitamins and that’s why they are good for dogs. Also, most of the dogs are not allergic to cucumbers, but if your dog experiences are and adverse reaction, you should call the vet right away

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