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Diabetic dogs symptoms

Diabetic Dogs Symptoms

Diabetic Dogs Symptoms Today, diabetes takes more lives than AIDS and breast cancer combined. Worldwide, it afflicts more than 380 million people. And the World Health Organization estimates that by…

Trigeminal neuritis in dogs

Trigeminal Neuritis in Dogs

Trigeminal neuritis is a rare neurological disease of dogs characterized by inflammatory disease of cranial nerve V (trigeminal nerve) with subsequent jaw paralysis. This disease is usually of idiopathic origins and…

Can dogs get braces

Can Dogs Get Braces?

Each dog has 42 teeth. The number of teeth will be the same whether a dog is a small, medium or large breed. There are 12 incisor teeth which are very sharp…

Laser surgery for dogs

Laser surgery for dogs

Laser surgery for dogs Painful that it is our dogs is also like us, sometimes ill. Thankfully in today’s world, medicine for dogs is a very high level, like ours….

Can dogs get ear infections

Can dogs get ear infections?

Can dogs get ear infections? Ear infections in dogs are common and most dogs suffer from this painful condition sometime in their life. Canine ear infections are most commonly caused…

Black skin tags on dogs

Black skin tags on dogs

What are skin tags? Skin tags are the result of excessive growth of skin cells and will be the same color as your pet’s skin. Dog Skin Tags can grow…

Tracking dogs training

Tracking Dogs Training

Tracking Dogs Training A dog is “tracking” when he is following the scent trail or disturbed vegetation scent, left by a person (or another animal) that has traveled along a…

Dementia In Dogs

Dementia In Dogs

Dementia In Dogs Is your aging dog showing some curious behavior changes? Dementia and senility are broad terms used to describe these changes. In dogs, the disease is generally called Canine…