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Teach your dog to greet people politely

Teach your dog to greet people politely

Getting Started It is very important that you teach your pet how to greet you when you come home since dogs often tend to jump on people. This needs to…

Can dogs detect diseases

Can dogs detect diseases?

It is well known that dogs have an extremely strong sense of smell. Hence, dogs have been trained to sniff drugs, bombs, gunpowder and missing persons. But, can dogs really detect diseases?…

dogs can smell fear

Is it true that dogs can smell fear?

IS IT TRUE THAT DOGS CAN SMELL FEAR? Dogs are versatile animals that have plenty of skills. During evolution, they have developed a rather strong sense of smell (olfactory system)….

bee stings

What to do when a bee stings your dog?

WHAT TO DO IF YOUR DOG GETS STUNG BY A BEE? If a bee stings your dog, the most important thing is that you stay calm and collected. An insect…

Anti-allergic dogs

Anti-allergic dogs

Ok, let we said straight out “there are no anti-allergic dogs”. There is many articles on the internet that sad these are top ten, or some, hypoallergenic dogs but that…

Seizures and dogs

Seizures in dogs

Seizures in Dogs Of course and are little (or big) friend can have a seizure. And like we need specialist medical help so are dogs need it to. If our…

Should we let our dogs sleep in the bed?

Should we let our dogs sleep in the bed?

Should we let our dogs sleep in the bed? In many homes where a dog is present, there is a bad habit of allowing the animal to choose anywhere in…

Dogs periods

Dogs Periods

Dogs Periods Among the species that constitute the animal kingdom, only female primates ranging from the lemur to the human to the gorilla have periods in the way we generally…