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Teach your dog to greet people politely

Teach your dog to greet people politely

Getting Started

It is very important that you teach your pet how to greet you when you come home since dogs often tend to jump on people. This needs to become a daily practice in order to teach your pet how to behave around other people.

Hence, good manners are mandatory. You should start by showing a more acceptable behavior, such as sit and stay. If you choose to apply positive reinforcement (such as food reward), you will motivate the dog to obey.

On the other hand, the cooperation of others plays a major role in the education process. If you want your dog to greet people in a calm and civilized manner, do not let anyone pet it unless the dog is all four on the ground. If we allow others pet our dog while jumping on them, it will aggravate the process of learning.

Greeting Visitor

You can carry out workouts at home and ask a friend to help out. When your friend rings the bell, your dog should sit in the greeting position. Then, let your friend in and make sure that the dog is still in a sitting position. Have your friend greet the dog by petting it, and give your dog time to sniff the guest. Once they get to know each another, you can allow your pet to join you in the living room.

You must have patience and try to understand that dogs have their own way of communicating with humans. So, every time your dog meets a new person, make sure you apply the “sit greeting” technique. Do not lose hope, it will become easier the longer you practice.

After a while, your little friend will learn to greet all visitors in a calm manner.

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