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Clumber Spaniel

Clumber Spaniel


The Clumber Spaniel was bred in England in the mid-14th century and, of course, is the largest family of spaniels. Because of their dignified and majestic behavior, Clumbers were the darlings of many British Monarchs. The Clumber Spaniel is very skilled hunters, especially successful in hunting pheasant or partridge. This is an excellent diver, he has a keen sense of smell and demonstrates remarkable stamina and endurance.

Height: 19-20 inches  Weight: 70-85 pounds  Lifespan: 10-12 years


The Clumber Spaniel is not only beautiful but also extremely useful working breed. Today, this species is very rare, so is extremely difficult to purchase the Clumber Spaniel. This stocky dog radiates dignity, he is balanced and affectionate to his owner. Indeed, Clumber Spaniels make excellent companions. Comparable Breed: English Cocker Spaniel.


Of all hunting breeds, Clumber Spaniels are probably the most reserved and quiet. They are sweet and very intelligent. Nice and with good manners, the Clumber Spaniel gets along well with other dogs, cats and other pets who grew up with them in the same house. As a rule, the Clumber Spaniel gets very attached to one particular person in the family. Clumber Spaniels are great with children. They are somewhat reserved with strangers, but they never show shyness or aggression. Dogs of this breed simply enjoy being around people, and they appreciate companionship and attention of the man.

Coat / Care

The Clumber Spaniel has a straight, smooth and dense coat, protecting the dog from the adverse weather. The structure is soft and definitely not rough. Ears, legs, and stomach are lightly decorated with longer hair strands, and around the neck is a luxurious thick collar. The Clumber Spaniel is covered with two layers of coat. The outer layer has consisted of long hair and the undercoat is thick and soft. The color of the coat is mainly white. Red or lemon markings may be present too. Shedding is quite intense, so Clumber Spaniels require daily care with a special comb and brush. From time to time, they even require a professional grooming. Also, make sure to regularly clean the dog’s eyes and ears.

Health Problems

The most typical health issues are hip dysplasia, entropion/ectropion, ear infection, hypothyroidism and cataracts. It is important not to overfeed your dog, as this breed is generally prone to obesity and because of his very dense and warm coat, the Clumber Spaniel can easily overheat.


Dogs of this breed are always willing to please their owner and they have an excellent memory. Therefore, educating the Clumber Spaniel is not too demanding. This dog is quiet and unpretentious, so you should not be using crude or oppressive methods. The most effective is a calm learning process on the basis of positive stimulation, praise, love, fairness and consistency. It is recommended to conduct obedience training and to socialize your dog while still a puppy.


Clumber Spaniels are equally suited for apartment conditions and for living in a house. However, they do need daily exercises, such as active walks, host support cycling, ball games or swimming. With lack of physical activity, the Clumber Spaniel will become overweight, his muscles will atrophy and life expectancy is significantly reduced.

Photo credit: hujanen53/Flickr

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