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Border Collie

Border Collie



The strange name of this type of Collie was due to the fact that this breed first appeared in the 19th century, somewhere on the border between Scotland and England. The Border Collie is particularly prized because of their outstanding talent for herding livestock. Today, Border Collies are popular agricultural workers, talented show dogs and perfect companions.

Height: 18-22 inches  Weight: 27-45 pounds  Lifespan: 12-18 years


The Border Collie is a medium-sized dog that possesses great stamina. He is acrobatic, athletic, intelligent and extremely energetic. This breed is vivid, self-confident and strong, with expressive pastoral instincts. Although the primary role of the Border Collie is being a livestock herding dog, this type of breed is becoming increasingly popular as a pet.


Intelligent, responsive, and very committed to their work and to their owner. The Border Collie is extremely sensitive and requires constant communication with the man. He should not be left alone for long period of time, as he may feel anxious and destroy everything around him. This breed is unsuitable for people leading inactive lifestyle. Border Collies communicate remarkably with older children, provided that they know how to handle the dog. The Border Collie is not aggressive, but his instinct makes him want to be in a dominant position.

Coat / Care:

The Border Collie has a smooth coat with long hair. The hair is very thick, tight to the body and protects the dog perfectly from any bad weather. The outer layer consists of coarse wool which can be straight or slightly wavy. The undercoat is dense, short, soft and very warm. In the long-haired Collie, hair length is average on the chest, at the front and on the thighs. There is an additional “decoration” of longer hair on the bottom of the body, on his face, the front of the legs and ears. In short-haired Collies, it can only be a small “decoration” on the chest, around the neck, front legs, thighs and tail. Colors of this breed can vary, including a combination of various colors and color markings. Shedding is of medium intensity, so the dog requires a weekly cleaning. Grooming should be intensified during shedding period. Bathe your dog only in case of need or clean him with a dry shampoo.

Health Problems:

Common health problems are hip dysplasia, epilepsy, deafness, eye anomaly involving progressive degeneration of the retina. Border Collies are also allergic to insect bites. The Border Collie has a life expectancy of 12 to 18 years.


Early socialization and training are recommended. The Border Collie is a great student. Lessons must be based on consistency, fairness, respect and perseverance. Since this breed has extremely sensitive nature, oppressive training methods are not allowed. They show special talents in police work, competitions, search and rescue, and exercises with Frisbees. Border Collies are successfully used for Canistherapy, as well as guide dogs for the blind.


The Border Collie is very energetic and he is not suitable for conventional exercises. Collies enjoy mental stimulation and close communication with their owner and members of the family. Dogs of this breed are not suited to live in a city apartment, they need to live on working the farm or in a secluded farmhouse, where they can easily get out of the gate and are free to roam around.

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