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Dog or Baby: What should come first?

Dog or Baby What should come first

Dog or Baby: What should come first?

Dog or baby? That is the question, at least when animal lovers and dogs are in the phase of family planning with their partners. The decision is not easy … Finally talk both good reasons, only to pick up the four-legged friends into the house, but also for the only wait and see how it works with the young. The following tips will help you plan.

Whether you first opt for dog or baby, also depends on your personal circumstances and experience. There is something else, if you have always had dogs and become familiar with really good, or whether both of dealing with the four-legged and the baby for you are completely new. One thing is certain: you do not fall over the decision.

Why should I only get the dog?

It may be advantageous if you buy only a dog and then have a baby. Especially for people who have no experience with dogs, it may so be around easier. The dog training and parenting are basically not so different – in both it comes to consistency and clarity too. In addition, it is said that the four-legged similar cunning are as two to three years of toddlers. If the dog comes first into the house, you can talk to “practice” with him and get used to it, to provide clear instructions without being coarse, and teach him important rules.

But it is important that you do not neglect your dog once the baby has arrived. His education then does not listen to and his love to you not. Look at it as independent living beings with their own needs, not as a substitute baby or “experimental child”. If you prepare well for your dog during pregnancy on the newcomer, it can work great. Another plus: children are considered less susceptible to allergy and to have a stronger immune system, when compared with the beginning of pets growing up together.

Reasons that the baby takes precedence

Unlike dogs can purchase advance planning to become pregnant is limited. Sometimes it works right away, sometimes it takes a while before a baby is on the way. The latter can be for couples who eagerly want to have children, be very stressful and it can happen that they do not have a clear head to his deserved the quadruped attention to give and employment. Furthermore, it is for each pair a big change to have a baby, it is a completely new situation, one can sympathize only when you put already in the middle.

In addition, a small human being is always a piñata: Is it rather quiet or nervous? Sleeping it by or watching it at night again and again? Is it good, friendly and cooperative? Or is confrontational, its limits tested repeatedly, responded defiantly, if it does not get his way? All parents know only when the child is actually there. There is great danger of underestimating the situation in advance, as it reacts differently and reasonable behaves when you are rested and in rest may think. All this suggests only to have the baby and to see how it develops and how to cope. And if all goes well and the child no longer needs the full attention, you can jointly search for a dog in the family circle.

Conclusion: dog or baby first? Difficult Decision

Ultimately, the decision of whether dog or baby come first, up to you. In principle, it is also possible to obtain dog and baby at the same time. If you are about unplanned pregnancy and have already opted for a dog, it is feasible to both raise together. However, it is already a double burden, which can be very stressful.

Slightly easier if you have both dogs and babies with experience – such as an aunt, godfather, cousin or babysitter – so you can estimate a little what to expect. Also Gather your friends, or your family if you can count on from there with the support if you nevertheless times everything is too much.

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