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Keeshond: Education and Training of Dogs


Keeshond: Education and Training of dogs

The Keeshond is a loveable, affectionate and confident dog who still has many other positive properties. The Keeshond education you should pay particular attention to ensure that your fur tufts become a happy and balanced dog.

The story of the Wolf Spitz ‘or Keeshond goes way back. In the Middle Ages, the vigilant and robust dog was kept as a court and watchdog. Today it is very popular in France and the UK – but also in Germany enjoys the breed with the bushy fur many dog lovers.

Keeshond Education: patience and respect are needed

A Keeshond does have its own head and so you need some patience with him. However, they will have special joy of Keeshond education, because the race is also inquisitive intelligent and depending on the predisposition. Use motivation and praise the dog training and try to educate them about fun and games.

From violent subordination exercises or the like, you should definitely refrain – the Wolf Spitz holds generally not much of apparent subordination. Feels a Keeshond harassed, he is more to the Middle Ignore fight out instead open infighting – therefore patience and tact are the alpha and omega in dealing with the great balls of fur. Meet your Spitz, like all other animals, always with respect and put your best to positive reinforcement.

Training with the Keeshond

That said, a tip has their own heads as a rule. At the same time make them exercises and workouts a lot of fun. What like a Keeshond, but decides he and not the holder. You should definitely promote your Keeshond both physically and mentally and demand. The breed like challenges. Try it, for example, search and sniffer games. Also, dog sport is a like adopted employment. Tip: Use for a change and expansion of the training the target stick or a clicker. More information can be found on this practical guide: ” clicker training with dogs: What’s that all about? ”

Find More About Keeshond

Most of all, the dogs move in the great outdoors. Exploring walks in interesting terrain or variety of exercises on the open corridor care at the Fellnasen good mood. By the way: hunting games are for the Spitz rather not suitable, because the dog does not have a strong hunting instinct.

Keeshond deal: Examples

Here are a few tips with which dog sports and training which you can deal with your Keeshond wonderful:

  • Agility Training : Agility is a great activity for the Keeshond. The action-packed dog sport is physically and mentally demanding and overloaded your Keeshond out fine. View agility courses in your area and you will master your Spitz bars, tunnels, tires and slalom.
  • Tricks : Many of Spitz is a term as a circus dog. No wonder, learn the dogs but love to tricks and only sees occasionally extremely sent to. Try it and start small. Running on the hind legs, jump through hoops and other showpieces be learned quickly as a rule. Be still always patient when you teach your Spitz tricks. Inexperienced Hobby Trainer find help with courses in the dog school or dog trainer.
  • Scent Work : nose job makes the most representatives of the breed a lot of fun.
  • Mantrailing : A Wolf Spitz is a very people oriented and affectionate representatives – ideal conditions for Mantrailing or people search. The simple variant may be such that a family member hidden somewhere, the Spitz have to wait and then goes in search. Caution: Play this only to the extent that your dog feels by separating no stress.
  • Swimming : Some tips are true water lovers – try again whether belongs to your pet or go swimming with him.
  • Retrieve : Clear, a spigot is not Retriever – they lack compared to the hunting instinct; still have some copies fun on retrieving. Try it with a ball or Frisbee.

Photo credit: trpnblies7/Flickr

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