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Do I have a friendly Dog?

Do I have a friendly dog?

Do I have a friendly dog?

At this point there is no doubt that the dog is the perfect companion to the nickname “Man’s Best Friend” is a statement, obviously, true: and this is evident in thousands of cases of dogs that struggle for the happiness and welfare of human parents, even to the detriment of their own safety and welfare.

Obviously, this is not something that the animals can make “consciousness,” but it is irrefutable that, either by instinct or evolution to us, we will not find a more loyal companion dog.

But often, this relationship of love and mutual trust can be counterproductive in the practical sense of coexistence. That affection can become lodged with the need for training.They often have a misconception techniques training, based on the shapes that once were used to train dogs.

Here the question arises:

How to educate dogs without them feeling it as punishment and without the relationship between them and their owners will be affected?

Do I have a friendly dog?

The first thing to understand is that modern techniques based on positive training (through rewards and punishments ever) may, indeed, be a great moment of joy and amusement for dogs, as most of these new methods They use the games as a form of training.Modern trainers know how to educate without mistreating dogs.

Beyond the welfare of the dog itself, we must also think that while you can get used or endure these little inconveniences that may cause the behavior of our canine friend: the rest of the family, neighbors or friends who visit us, does not have to bear them. So to bring our pet relationship with the environment, the best remedy is training.

Recommended 6 Friendly Dog Breeds:

If your family has decided to bring a family-friendly dog into your home, this is an exciting decision to make. There are several breeds of dogs to choose from but you want to focus on family-friendly dogs if you have young children in the home or if you have young children visiting often. Although all dogs look cute and adorable, you want to make sure that you do not have any conflict between humans and dogs.

Do I have a friendly dog?

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