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Golden Retriever



The Golden Retriever was bred in the 19th century in the UK. The “father” of this famous breed is Lord Tweedmouth. He wanted to create a dog that would be faithful, kind, cheerful and energetic. Indeed, the Golden Retriever is an embodiment of beauty and intelligence.

Height: 22-24 inches  Weight: 55-75 pounds  Lifespan: 10-13 years


The Golden Retriever is big, strongly built and sturdy. This is the most popular pet in the world. Golden Retrievers are natural athletes, they are perceptive and tolerant. Golden Retrievers excel at the retrieving game for hunters, tracking, sniffing out drugs, and as therapy and assistance dogs. Comparable Breed: Irish Setter, Labrador Retriever.


Golden Retrievers are attractive, polite and very smart. They simply ooze charm and reliability. This dog gets lonely if left alone for a long time and can behave badly, though never aggressively. Retrievers are gentle and patient with children and also very friendly with other pets, and with proper training, can be trusted with cats, rabbits and other animals. The Golden Retriever requires constant human affection.

Coat / Care:

The Golden Retriever is covered with double, warm, water-repellent coat. The outer layer is tight, elastic, can be wavy or straight. The tail and the dog’s paws are decorated with light feathering. The undercoat is dense and soft. Golden Retrievers come in all shades of gold, from light to dark gold. Shedding is quite intense. Hence, the Golden Retriever requires daily and thorough grooming. Bathe your pet only in the case of urgent need.

Health Problems:

Specific diseases include hip dysplasia, cataracts and skin allergies. Since this dog breed tends to gain weight quickly, it is very important to monitor their diet. The Golden Retriever has a life expectancy of 10 to 13 years. Their lifespan is good for this medium sized breed.


The Golden Retriever is one of the easiest breeds to train. These dogs are incredibly obedient and eager to please their master. Retrievers are agile and can do all sorts of tricks.


The Golden Retriever requires daily training. He is pleased to take part in all kinds of family activities and games. If provided an active lifestyle, this breed can bear living in a city apartment.


Other Names: None

Origin: Scotland, Europe                

Average size: Medium Dog Breed     

Color:   Yellow, Golden or Black      

Intelligence:  Very Intelligent and clever dog

Personalitly:Intelligent, Friendly, Devoted

Hypoallergenic: No

AKC Dog Ranking: 3th Most popular dog breed

Good family dog: Excellent family dog

Good with children: Excellent, like to play.

Good with strangers: Excellent

Good apartment dog: No – this is not an apartment dog

Photo Credit: Ida Myrvold/Flickr

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