Silky Terrier

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Silky Terrier

Silky Terrier



The Silky Terrier (The Australian Silky Terrier) is a small breed of dog of the terrier dog type. This breed was developed in Australia in the 19th century. The breed is called the Silky Terrier in North America but is called the Australian Silky Terrier in its country of origin and in the rest of the world. It is compact, but sturdy, very friendly and energetic dog. Comparable Breed: Cairn Terrier, Yorkshire Terrier.

Height: 8-11 inches  Weight: 8-11 pounds  Lifespan: 14-16 years


The Silky Terrier was ranked in the top 20 in learning the quickest. It is an excellent companion and great guard dog, always alert. This breed is independent and stubborn and becomes unmanageable if it is left for a long time one. Silkys are bold, feisty and tenacious.


The Silky Terrier is a positive dog that loves to play. It is very curious but can be naughty as well. Like many terriers, Silky Terrier loves to dig. This breed is well suited for older people and teenagers, however, it can too aggressively defend its territory, undertaking a fight with other dogs. Silky loves chasing cats, so it is recommended to raise them in the same household with cats.

Coat / Care:

The Silky Terrier does not smell. The coat is silky, shiny and not too long. The texture of the coat is similar to the texture of human hair. The color in this breed can be blue-red and blue-yellow. This dog breed requires daily brushing and combing to prevent tangling. This breed requires a deep commitment from the owners. In order to retain the brightness and tenderness of the coat, regular shampooing is necessary.

Health Problems:

The Silky Terrier is known to have teeth problems, patella luxation, epilepsy, Legg-Perthes disease, allergies, tracheal collapse and Cushing’s disease.


The Silky Terrier needs intensive training, but it should be treated with respect. Education must be strict, but fair, and should encourage the dog to obey. These days, this terrier is trained to sniff out the moult and is considered to be an expert.


The Silky Terrier is very energetic, loves to play and run, so it needs a well-fenced yard. Also, this dog likes hiking and playing ball. The dog breed is suitable for living in the apartment, but he must be busy in order to avoid boredom.

Photo Credit: island silks/Flickr

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