Afghan Hound

Afghan Hound



The Afghan Hound is very popular and one of the oldest of dog breed. He is elegant, devoted, and a wonderful companion to his owners. Afghan Hounds are very social and deeply affectionate to people they know, they do not like to be alone and they are extremely hostile to strangers.

Height: 27-29 inches (69-74 cm)  Weight: 50-64 pounds (22–34 kg)     Lifespan: 12-14 years


The Afghan Hound is beautiful and intelligent breed. Afghans tend to behave naughty, for that reason, this breed has a reputation of having a relatively slow “obedience intelligence”. Still, if the owner is involved in its upbringing, with proper care and education, they evolve in dignified, regal breed.


Afghan Hounds are affectionate, sweet and loyal dogs. They are very sensitive and require careful treatment, but at the same time, they are courageous and have high prey drive. They get along great with children and pets, as their social character helps them find common ground with everyone.

 Coat / Care:

Afghan Hounds have a thick and silky coat with a fine texture, especially long on the back and legs. Their fine-textured coat requires special care and grooming. Firstly, it should not be trimmed, but have natural look. It is enough bathe your dog once a week, but daily combing is a necessity, since it is very long and tends to tangle. There are special tools designed for this purpose.


This breed is very sensitive, therefore, needs careful, yet consistent training. Lessons should be about socialization and obedience. Improper education of these dogs can cause disobedience and aggressiveness.


For the full development of this breed, daily walk is a necessity, with fresh water at hand, as the hair gets quickly heated by the sun. Fenced enclosures are an option.


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