The Azawakh is a breed that has been bred by nomadic tribes of Africa for the purpose of hunting, protection of the property and simply to be a companion to his master. Lissome gait is a notable characteristic of this breed, thus, they are extremely fast and able to develop the speeds of 40 miles per hour. Outside Africa, this dog breed is still extremely rare. Comparable Breed: Sloughi, Saluki.

Height: 23-29 inches  Weight: 33-55 pounds  Lifespan: 12-15 years


The Azawakh is graceful, slender and very athletic dog. Its bone structure shows clearly through the skin and musculature. This breed is distinguished by its speed, sensitivity, vigilance and flexibility. They have high energy and tremendous endurance.


The Azawakh is very social and emotional, and it gets along perfectly with other dogs, especially if they grew up together. The Azawakh are good with children, hence, it`s not advisable to leave them without supervision. These dogs are great to protect the family, the house and their territory. They are cautious and suspicious of strangers, but loyal, gentle, and affectionate to family members and those they know. Azawakhs are considered to be the royal breed for a reason, they are noble and incredibly daring.

Coat / Care:

Azawakhs have a silky and short coat, close to their body. Shedding is of medium intensity, so cleaning is only required from time to time. Bathe your dog only when it is absolutely necessary by using a mild shampoo, or clean it with a dry shampoo more frequently. It is important to regularly check the paws and ears in order to clean them from contamination. Dogs of this breed may exhibit disorders such as epilepsy, myositis, spondylosis and autoimmunity. The Azawakh should not be kept in cold climates.


Early socialization and training are required. Azawakhs do not respond to excessive strictness or despotic methods. Nevertheless, using motivation, respect, fairness and firmness, you can achieve so much.


The Azawak is a very active breed and needs a fairly high level of exercise. This dog should have regular run in large enclosed areas, therefore, it is not recommended to keep it in the apartment. The Azawakh gets real pleasure from all sorts of family and sports games, long walks, hiking, jogging and swimming.


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