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English Foxhound

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The English Foxhound is considered to be the classic British pack hound, which was used in the 6th century to hunt a red fox, usually in large packs. Even today, this is one of the favorite pastimes of the English nobility. This breed was never designed to be a family companion. On the contrary, this is a working dog, always willing to perform any given task. In 1909, the English Foxhound was officially recognized by the American Kennel Club.

Height: 23-25 inches  Weight: 55-75 pounds  Lifespan: 10-13 years


This breed of dog is medium in size and quite muscular. Its head is bony, with a broad skull. The nose is well developed. The English Foxhound has large eyes and pendulous ears that are positioned close to his cheeks. The neck should be long and muscular. English Foxhounds have powerful jaws with a precisely overlapping scissor bite. Their shoulders are strong and well-muscled, but not too massive. Comparable Breed The Beagle and American Foxhound.


The English Foxhound has a typical hound personality. He is independently-minded and sometimes prone to excessive stubbornness. Dogs of this breed are friendly and very lively. They show great tolerance in dealing with other dogs, which is the essential characteristic of a typical pack dog. Due to his great passion for hunt, this the English Foxhound is not very popular as a family pet. This sturdy dog is usually kept for red fox hunting, but it also makes a good watchdog. English Foxhounds do well with children but are not recommended for families with very small children. Moreover, they are perfect for families who already have other dog breeds.

Health Problems

The English Foxhounds are generally very healthy. However, these dogs can suffer from canine hip dysplasia, renal disease (kidney disease) and epilepsy. Generally, representatives of this breed are not prone to genetic diseases.

Coat / Care: 

The English Foxhound is covered with a short coat, which is dense and shiny. This breed comes in a variety of colors, including different combinations of white, black and brown. No markings are allowed. The short coat is not too demanding since English Foxhounds are low shedders. Hence, regular brushing is enough. This will reduce the hair loss and keep your dog clean.


The English Foxhound is very friendly and affectionate. He should undergo early socialization and education, which requires patience and consistency. This breed of dog is very agile, courageous and passionate in hunting, which requires a strong, dominant coach.


English Foxhounds are very social, but since these dogs have a great passion for hunting and prefer to live with other dogs in the pack, they are not suitable for living indoors. In general, the English Foxhound should live together with other dogs in the kennel. This breed could live in the house under special conditions. Hence, a lot of movement and mental work are a must for the English Foxhound, at least 30 to 60 minutes every day.

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