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The Greyhound is thought to be the fastest dog in the world. He is able to reach the speed of over 40 miles per hour (about 65 km). This is an ancient breed, which presumably originated in the Arab East and was then brought to England. The primary use of Greyhounds was in the hunting of deer and other large animals. Later, they specialized in competition hare hunting.

Height: 27-30 inches  Weight: 60-70 pounds  Lifespan: 10-12 years


The Greyhound is a very delicate dog. This highlighted trait makes him a wonderful companion, especially for small children. He is very talented and nimble, and therefore stands out in many activities, including hunting and dog racing. Dogs of this breed are distinguished with a special grace. They are slender, yet very hardy. The Greyhound needs love and attention. Comparable Breed: Borzoi, Saluki.


The Greyhound is very loyal and adoring, he just loves all of his family members. It’s an amazing pet which get along very well with other dogs, but it is best to keep them in pack with other greyhounds. Greyhounds do well in families with children as long as the children are taught to treat the dog properly, with politeness and respect.

Coat / Care:

The Greyhound has a very short coat that should be shiny, never silky nor soft. It is quite dense and hard to the touch, sometimes even coarse, and close-fitting to the dog’s body. Since the Greyhound`s coat is weatherproof, bathing should be rare in order not to disturb protective properties of the hair. Hence, grooming is relatively easy. It is enough to clean the pet occasionally with a rubber glove or a stiff brush. This will help to remove excess hairs. Shedding is of medium intensity.


The Greyhound is a very intelligent breed but somewhat nervous and sensitive. Therefore, he needs an experienced coach. Obedience training at young age is welcome but not mandatory. The coach must be kind and patient and training should be carried out consistently, day after day. It is best to run a variety of training methods, as Greyhounds love to solve complex tasks.


Greyhounds love runnging, and they need it daily. Therefore, this dog requires a big fenced yard. To keep your dog healthy, make sure to provide at least two hours of intensive exercising. Since the Greyhound has very strong hunting instinct, he tends to chase everything that moves within his scope. For this particular reason, Greyhounds cannot be trusted without a leash.


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