Mountain Cur



The Mountain Cur Dog is versatile breed with a rich history. The Cur dog was the first true purebred from the United States of American purebred. The Mountain Cur Dog can serve as a watchdog, hunter and a herding dog.

Height: 18-26 inches  Weight: 30-60 pounds  Lifespan: 12-16 years


The Mountain Cur Dog is a muscular and stocky dog. He is extremely hardy and fearless. He is distinguished by large, expressive eyes and strong neck.


The Mountain Cur Dog is a beautiful hunting dog, which can be used for hunting both small and big game. This breed is not suitable for families that already have pets and / or children. Also, the Mountain Cur Dog cannot tolerate being around unfamiliar dogs. Representatives of this breed are very suspicious of strangers and will jealously protect their families and property.

Coat / Care:

The Mountain Cur Dog has a double coat. While the outer layer is decorated with short, smooth hair of rough texture, the undercoat is soft, thin and thick. This breed comes in blue, yellow, brown, or brindle. In order to remove the excess hair, it is recommended to periodically comb and brush the dog’s coat. Mountain Cur Dogs should be bathed only in case of extreme necessity, since this breed has a very sensitive skin. Therefore, make sure to use a mild shampoo. These dogs do not show a genetic predisposition to specific health issues.


The Mountain Cur Dog is a clever dog but can be quite naughty. He will take orders only from his owner. This is why this breed requires early socialization and obedience training. During training, the dog must be treated with love and respect. Hence, the teacher should be fair and patient, but strict.


The Mountain Cur Dog is not suitable for keeping in urban areas, because he needs a lot of physical effort. This breed needs to live in the countryside. This will ensure his proper evolution, as he will have plenty of room to walk without a leash and explore.

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