The Whippet was developed in Northern England, by mixing Greyhounds with long-legged terriers. This is a cheerful dog, yet very sensitive. If Whippets do not undergo early socialization, they can grow into overly shy animals. This breed cannot tolerate small pets but does very well with other dog breeds. In 1888, the Whippet was recognized by the American Kennel Club.

Height: 18-22 inches  Weight: 15-25 pounds  Lifespan: 12-15 years


The Whippet is a sporting breed, and he usually excels at very successful in various competitions. However, this dog breed is very tender and therefore cannot withstand very high loads. Since the Whippet is a companion dog, it is not recommended to keep him in a kennel. Comparable Breeds: The Greyhound.


The Whippet is sweet, obedient and very energetic. This dog is quite independent, but he can learn how to respect the rules. However, the coach should be able to conduct consistent and diversified training. As mentioned above, Whippets are very sensitive dogs, so you need to treat them with love and respect.

Coat / Care:

The coat is very short, smooth, soft and dense. Hence, this type of coat is not intended for cold climates, so the dog needs additional insulation. The Whippet comes in various colors or color combination. Hence, he can be white, cream, red, blue, brindle, black and fawn. Whippets are moderate shedders, so they do not need special care. It is enough to periodically brush the dog with a comb. This breed should undergo bathing no more than once in six months, because the coat is water and dirt repellent.


Whippets are very responsive to skilled and friendly trainers, and they learn with ease. In order to prevent this breed are losing interest in training, sessions should be fun and varied. As mentioned above, this dog is very fond of running and is very happy to take part in agility competition. Also, the Whippet is an intelligent dog and therefore highly successful in obedience trials.


Whippets should regularly exercise in the park or in the yard. Otherwise they can become destructive. Since this dog breed has a strong prey drive, the Whippet should never be off leash during walks.

Photo credit: Matt Brown/Flickr

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