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10 Dog Breeds Ideal For Apartment

10 Dog Breeds Ideal for Apartment

10 Dog Breeds Ideal For Apartment

All dogs are adorable, whether large or small. If you think to adopt a dog, here are some breeds that are suitable for small spaces. We added some ideas about his health.

The Pug

PugHis eyes wide and flat nose is super cute. The Pug is compact and is very happy to spend the day on the couch doing marathons TV series with you. The Pug needs a little exercise, then a short walk every day will be sufficient. The Pug has generally good health. He lives usually spent his 15 years. It is susceptible to certain diseases such as respiratory disorders, patellar luxation, meningoencephalitis (specific neurological disease Carlin), eye problems, skin lesions in facial folds, up to the heat (hyperthermia) and ‘obesity.

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The English Bulldog

English BulldogThe Bulldog is a medium sized dog who is not a fan of exercise, making it an ideal companion for an apartment. If he could talk, he would tell you that he would rather stay in bed than go to the park. Good news for lazy   Any dog must move, then presto, you made a little walk every day. He loves children. Despite its appearance of the wrestler, the Bulldog has a somewhat frail. Its life expectancy is about 10 years. It is subject to respiratory problems, skin problems, eye problems, bone and joint problems, digestive problems, dystocia (difficult calving), heat intolerance, congenital heart disease, obesity. As the nose flattened, it is a great buzzer!

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The Shih Tzu

Shih TzuThe star is adorable and fits comfortably in a handbag. What she likes is to be dolled up. The Shih Tzu is not a great athlete, a mini walking a day will be enough to keep him in shape. If you like your hair dog, the Shih Tzu is ideal for a condo. The Shih Tzu has a lifespan of 15 years. It is prone to eye problems, respiratory problems, renal dysplasia, patellar luxation, Type 1 disc herniation and obesity.


The Great Dane

Great DaneSerious? Of course! The Great Dane is a big dog, either, but he is lazy. Yes, it will take all the space on your couch or in your bed while trying to make himself small. The Great Dane is calm, quiet and nice. You’ll have more the impression of a furniture more than having a big ball of energy that climbs the curtains. It is an ideal roommate. It looks great at Parc Lafontaine. Its longevity is about 9 years. Like all very large dogs, it is prone to hip dysplasia and elbow. It can also suffer from heart failure syndrome Wobbler (spinal malformations) and bone disease.

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The Chihuahua

chihuahuaIf the dog fits into your purse, an apartment will not be a problem. It weighs less than a cat and does not take up space. However, it must be the result, it tends to bark excessively. He is affectionate and intelligent. The little prince will be happiest of attention you give him that space to run. Despite the fragile appearance of the Chihuahua is a dog’s robust health, particularly that lives long. However, several injuries and accidents (sometimes fatal) are caused by falls or manipulation by human errors. The most common health problems in the Chihuahua are patellar luxation, juvenile hypoglycemia, hydrocephalus, congenital heart disease, eye diseases, head injury (the risk of head injuries are proportional to the opening of the soft spot on the head Chihuahua), tremor (low tolerance to cold) and obesity.

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The Bichon Frise

Bichon FriseThis small French-born dog behaves very well in small spaces. He is energetic and needs exercise either inside or at the park. He does not bark without reason, only when there is someone at the door. It is also ideal for those who suffer from allergies. Generally, followers of this dog indicate that it has excellent health throughout his life specimens usually die of old age or cancer. They are still at risk for some diseases: hemolytic anemia, immune-mediated, bladder stones, cancer, gingivitis, patella luxation, eye diseases, shunt portosystemic (bloodstream does not pass through the liver) and deafness.

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The Chinese Crested

Chinese CrestedIt is perhaps not the most beautiful dog of the Plateau, but this little dog compensates by being a loving and perfect companion for a condo or apartment. You want to do nothing today, no problem, your dog can stay in bed with you for hours. While you stroll, why not knit him a winter coat? All costs avoid the cold with this breed: arm yourself with good winter clothes. No special condition affects the breed. Despite appearances, it is very robust and has an excellent health because it is rarely sick. If he lives in satisfactory conditions, especially on the inside, it has a beautiful longevity and good health. Its life expectancy is about 14 years.

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The Boston Terrier

Boston TerrierTo add style to your apartment or condo on the Plateau, adopt a Boston Terrier. However, it must keep to the eye. It may be too smart for his own good and has a tendency to get into trouble. Fortunately, he does not bark without reason. His energy level is moderate. A walk a day may suffice. It is important to dress for the cold season because it is very sensitive to cold. Terrier at heart, he loves particularly bury bones everywhere. Most Boston Terriers are robust and long-lived. Some, however, are subject to some diseases. The most common health problems in the Boston Terrier are patellar luxation, brachycephalic syndrome, eye problems (cataracts, glaucoma, strabismus, dry eye, microphthalmia), atopic dermatitis, vertebral anomalies and dystocia (difficult setting below).

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The Yorkshire Terrier

Yorkshire TerrierCute College and compact, three qualities ideal for a lap dog. Smaller than a cat, it does not take up much space. As a bonus, this dog is quiet.It adapts easily to new people, situations, and other pets, so feel free to invite friends. As your dog enough attention, he will be happy to stay on your lap all day. The Yorkshire Terrier is a sturdy dog and lives longer. However, it is predisposed to certain diseases. The most common health problems in the Yorkshire Terrier are joint problems (patella luxation, congenital dislocation of the elbow, hemivertebra, Legg-Perthes-Calvé), eye problems, shunt portocaval, patent ductus arteriosus and hydrocephalus.

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The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Cavalier King Charles SpanielThe Cavalier King Charles Spaniel finds its pedigree with a number of dogs because of its slightly odd breeding history. The original Cavalier King Charles Spaniels were around and had been bred from other toy dogs and spaniels during the 16th century or so, but modern day breeders have been using other methods of breeding to bring a more pure version of the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel back into existence. Cavalier King Charles Spaniels do have some problems with health, particularly in the world of genetic diseases. For example, almost all Cavalier King Charles Spaniels eventually run into heart troubles in the form of Mitral valve disease, a disease that can eventually lead to heart failure down the line. Syringomyelia is another disease that affects the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel worse than in other dogs and since it affects the spine and brain; it can be a particularly difficult one for your dog to endure.

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Regardless of race that makes you feel like, whether or not on our list, we are certain that you will be the best of friends!

To prevent your dog’s health problems, consult your vet just once a year.

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