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10 Facts About German Shepherd Dog

German Shepherd


  • German Shepherd dogs are very loving owner, but the dog was not too happy with the presence of strangers. German Shepherd dogs are trained and used to be invited to socialize not be aggressive to strangers. German Shepherd dogs just do not want strangers to enter their territory.
  • Besides less friendly with strangers, German Shepherd dogs will bark loudly when a stranger knocked on your door. It will not be shy or hesitate to protect those it cared if there is a danger that threatens them. German Shepherd dogs are also very protective of children.
  • German Shepherd dogs should always be encouraged to exercise because they have a great energy. It always asks invited to the streets and plays. If not properly trained, these dogs will be troublemaker dogs, barking, and running around the house.
  • German shepherd dog synonymous with intelligence. This dog was ranked third on the list of most intelligent dog according to the American Kennel Club. German Shepherd dogs are easy to train, able to understand many simple commands only with five repetitions command.
  • German shepherd dog is an animal that has a great curiosity. Not away, it even approaches something that looks strange to them. These dogs love to explore their environment, frequently checking the garden when they are out of the house every day. Curiosity German shepherd will be very visible when it was a child.

German Shepherd Dog Breed Information 

  • German Shepherd is a tough runner. When run, it can immediately accelerate to reach top speed, stopping suddenly, then turned sharply without losing balance. This ability to be one of the many reasons why they are often used as police dogs and military dogs.
  • Although the German Shepherd dogs can experience different types of medical conditions, it is most often affected by hip dysplasia, the development of the hip joint is not normal. Deterioration could be due to poor breeding. If you buy a puppy from a breeder, ask if the parent dogs have a normal hip.
  • The mixture of beige and black are the most common colors on German Shepherd dogs. However, there is also a German shepherd who has a black and white color also pure white color.
  • Although many German Shepherd dogs are skinny in the first two years since its birth, it usually will quickly become obese in later years. It will grow into a large and powerful dog, with a height of 55-60 cm and weigh between 30-40 pounds.
  • German shepherd dog is a shredder that is productive. If you brush bristles for 15 minutes, then the fur will fly in the air 15 minutes later. Daily brushing is the only way to prevent the buildup of fur in your home.
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