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German Shepherd

German Shepherd


The founder of this, truly unique, a versatile breed is German Baron Max Von Stephanitz, who developed it in the 19th century. The German Shepherd is highly prized around the world for his ability to be a great, completely dedicated friend. In addition, this dog made history as the first dog ever to be used as a guide for the blind. No wonder The German Shepherd is still the most popular breed in the world. The German Shepherd Dog was officially recognized by the American Kannel Club in 1908.

Height: 22-26 inches  Weight: 50-90 pounds  Lifespan: 7-10 years


The German Shepherds have both a classic beauty and incredible level of intelligence. German Shepherds can adapt to almost any environment, as they are curious, energetic, strong, and very reliable. They have gorgeous looks combined with extreme agility, power and endurance.


Like all members of the pastoral team, the German Shepherd is fearless, courageous, diligent, and attentive. The owners were able to assess the long-fidelity, deep devotion and courage of this dog. The German Shepherd is in need of constant interaction and constant contact with the man, otherwise, they get bored. Dogs of this breed are very wary of strangers. They get along with other dogs and animal, especially if they grow up together, in the same house. These dogs are not intended for inexperienced, apathetic people, or for people who lead an inactive lifestyle, as they are eager to fulfill their pastoral instinct.

Coat /Care

The German Shepherd has a double coat. The outer layer is coarse, straight and dense. The undercoat is dense and soft. Color can be the most diverse: black and tan, black and cream, black with silver, pure black, sable. According to the length of the wool, there are three types of German Shepherds: wire-haired, long-haired, and short-haired. Shedding is almost continuous, with the active hair loss in the season. In order to get rid of excess hair, the dog should be cleaned daily, with a stiff brush. In order not to disrupt the natural protective properties of the wool, bathe your dog only in case of urgent need, using a mild shampoo.

Health Problems

The German Shepherd is generally healthy dog breed, but like all breeds, they can be prone to elbow dysplasia, hip dysplasia, epilepsy, allergy to flea bites, digestive problems and chronic eczema. The German Shepherd has a life expectancy of 7 to 10 years.

Weight / Height

The male German Shepherd dog breed’s height is around 24 – 26 inches and weighs around 65 and 90 pounds. Female German Shepherd dogs can reach a size from 22 – 24 inches and weighs between 50 and 70 pounds. Male dogs are generally larger than females.


German Shepherds require intensive and extensive socialization and obedience training, at the early age. Rough or insensitive training methods are not recommended. On the contrary, education should be based on respect, fairness and remuneration. The German Shepherd has a remarkable intellect and learns very quickly. He is superb on the trail, extremely agile and obedient. It is often used in police work, search and rescue, and on military service as a guide dog.


The German Shepherds are very happy to take up any job. They need constant training, and in addition, they take great pleasure in walking with the owner on a leash, all kinds of family activities and free walk in securely fenced yard. The German Shepherd is a great choice if you live in a city apartment or condominium.


Other Names: GSD, Alsatian, Deutscher Schaferhund

Origin: Germany, Europe

Average size: Large Dog Breed

Color: Black, Tan, Blue, Sable

Intelligence: Very high – Very Intelligent and clever dog

Personalitly: Smart, Confident, Courageous

Hypoallergenic: No

AKC Dog Ranking: 2th Most popular dog breed

Good family dogYes, Excellent family dog

Good with children: Yes – Excellent with children’s

Good with strangers: Very good

Good apartment dog: Low – this is not an apartment dog

German Shepherd

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