Grooming your dog


Grooming your dog

For those who are dog owners and pet grooming your dog is a responsibility we have with them.

Our dog grooming will keep clean and healthy at the same time. Then I will give you some guidelines that you can consider to keep your dog neat.

One of the ways to keep neat your dog, is to pass the brush through her body, every 2-3 weeks removing all the fur that this bouncing, so you avoid having long hair spread all the around home.

Once past the brush will also be able to pass a comb, a recommendation that is made of metal, they are better than plastic, which will help to untie the knots that you are mostly in line.
aseo-perro-2Their pets should consider first give them a good brushing before putting the tub or wherever you are ready to bathe.

You should first soak your entire body thoroughly before putting the shampoo, make sure the back and tail are well wet, that’s where dirt accumulates more.

After that you can wet the chest and then between his legs, and done, you can proceed to get their shampoo.

Once your pet has on the whole body shampoo, let pass from one to two minutes before starting to rinse, then repeat the same procedure again.

aseo-perro-3 (1)Now that your pet and this rinse is when dried, for this let your dog shake first alone, then be ready with a big towel and wipe the entire body, once done, if you could use an electric dryer but be very careful not to put it too close because it could hurt your dog.

Whether your pet is bathed completely, now you can spend the brush once more and for finishing touches, if desired you can pour cologne or any other cleaning product you want.

This has to be an experience that both have to enjoy both the master and the dog.

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