New Guinea Singing Dog

New Guinea Singing Dog



New Guinea Singing Dog is originally from Papua New Guinea and was brought to Australia, in the late 1950s. Singing dogs are considered the wildest domesticated dogs. Hence, not all experts agree to recognize this breed as truly domesticated. It is believed that these dogs are virtually extinct in the wild though. Needless to say that the New Guinea Singing Dog is extremely rare and it’s almost impossible to purchase.

Height: 12-18 inches  Weight: 18-30 lbs.  Lifespan: 15-20 years


By his appearance, the New Guinea Singing Dog looks very reminiscent of the fox and is known for his unique vocal abilities. This is a very agile dog that can climb and jump like a cat. New Guinea Singing Dogs are robust, well-balanced, elegant and highly mobile species. Comparable Breeds: Basenji, Canaan Dog.


The New Guinea Singing Dog is an extremely lively and curious breed. Generally, it is not too tied to the man and does not consider him a member of the flock. Therefore, these dogs are not very suitable as companions, and they should not be kept indoors. The New Guinea Singing Dog is not very fond of children or other pets. Some believe that this is a wild dog.

Coat / Care:

The New Guinea Singing Dog is covered with a double coat and is able to handle extremely hot and cold weather. The outer layer is straight, short and has a slightly crispy texture. The undercoat should be very dense and wooly. New Guinea Singing Dogs appear in a variety of colors, including black-and-tan, brown, and goldish red with white markings. These dogs require daily cleaning and brushing. Since this breed is extremely rare, there is no specific information of hereditary diseases.


This breed’s stubbornness and independence make the learning process extremely challenging. Early socialization is a must for New Guinea Singing Dogs. Education should be based on respect, fairness and consistency, and the coach must be respectful and considering to this primitive breed.


The New Guinea Singing Dog is an active breed that requires constant mental stimulation. Lack of attention will make it become very frustrated and destructive. New Guinea Singing Dogs are the true masters of escape, so if you keep your dog in a yard, make sure that its well-shielded.

Photo credit: Jean/Flickr

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