Plott Hound

Plott Hound



The Plott Hound is an American scent hound, called by the name of its original breeder, Johannes Plott. This breed was specifically bred to hunt bears, wolves, coyotes, wild cats and raccoons in the Appalachians. Outside of Southern States, Plott Hounds remain relatively unknown. This dog is not intended to be a pet.

Height: 20-27 inches  Weight: 40-75 pounds  Lifespan: 12-14 years


The Plott Hound is an athletic, powerful and muscular dog. He is hardy, vigilant, resolute and very self-confident. Nimble and bold, the Plott Hound can be overly aggressive in hunting.  The Comparable Breeds is Redbone Coonhound and Black and Tan Coonhound.


The Plott Hound is friendly, sweet and full of enthusiasm. This breed gets along well with other pets and children. Plott Hounds are wary of strangers, and they will bark if feel threatened. Plott Hounds will do anything to defend their family and territory, which makes them excellent guards.

Coat / Care:

Plott Hounds have a dense, shiny, smooth and thin coat, which is weather-resistant. Some representatives of this breed a double coat; long and smooth outer layer and soft, short, dense undercoat. The Plott Hound’s coat requires minimal maintenance. Hence, it is sufficient to periodically brush your pet. Bathe it occasionally. It is important to clean the dog’s ears and paws to avoid a buildup of debris, especially after the hunt.

Health Problems:

The Plott Hound is generally healthy breed, but they have some health problems: bloating, eye diseases and hip dysplasia. The Plott Hound generally lives for 12 to 14 years.


Early socialization and obedience training are highly important for proper development of this breed. Plott Hounds are very smart, and they learn with ease. Teaching methodology should be based on fairness and consistency.


The Plott Hound is not suitable for people who lead inactive lifestyle. Furthermore, these hounds are not suited for apartment living, as they thrive in rural areas. This hunting breed needs plenty of physical activity to stay healthy.

Photo Credit: Eli Christman/Flickr

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