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South Russian Ovcharka

South Russian Ovcharka


The South Russian Ovcharka (also known as the Ukrainian Ovcharka, South Russian Sheepdog) is a wonderful sheepdog and great guard dog, but he can also graze cattle or sheep.

Height: 23-25 inches  Weight: 100-110 pounds  Lifespan: 9-11 years


This is a very robust, large dog, which is characterized by massive bones and strong muscles. The head is long, with small, hanging, triangular ears. The nose is big and black. Female Ovcharkas are smaller and thinner than males.


This breed is moderately aggressive and moderately obedient. Hence, it is not suitable for people with no previous inexperience. The South Russian Ovcharka in need of open space and will feel good only in a large rustic farm, otherwise the dog will become frustrated and unmanageable. Ovcharkas are extremely cold and reserved with strangers.

Coat / Care:

The Ovtcharka of southern Russia is covered with a thick and dense, double coat. While the top layer is long and a bit rough, the undercoat is short and tender. These dogs usually come in white, but they may also be white and yellow or gray, with gray markings. This breed should be combed every day, since its hair tends to tangle. Also, the hair around the dog’s mouth requires care on an everyday basis. The Russian Ovcharka can adapt to various weather conditions and temperatures.


The South Russian Ovcharka has an independent mind and shows great leadership qualities. Consequently, this dog breed needs a dominant and strong-willed coach, who will be able to carry out strict and consistent training. Besides, in order to suppress aggressive tendencies of this breed, early socialization is a must.


The South Russian Ovcharka requires freedom and space, so he is not suitable for living in a city apartment or a small house. Also, Ovcharkas needs a job to do to stay healthy and fit.

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