The Westiepoo is a designer dog, bred by crossing the West Highland White Terrier with a Poodle. He became very popular thanks to his hypoallergenic coat. The Westiepoo is very attractive in his appearance.

Height: 11-17 inches  Weight: 20-30 pounds  Lifespan: 12-15 years


The Westiepoo is a robust, agile and well-built dog of medium size. This dog is very social, friendly and family-oriented, they truly enjoy being around humans. Westiepoos are known to be big foodies, so make sure to monitor their portions, as they can gain weight very quickly.


The Westiepoo is bold, cheerful and very smart. Westiepoos are always alert which makes them excellent watchdogs, they will bark to warn the owners about the uninvited guests. Indeed, these dogs are very vocal and tend to bark excessively whenever they feel lonely or threatened. The Westiepoo is also a good, obedient pet. He gets along with children, and he loves playing with other dogs.

Coat / Care:

The Westiepoo has a wavy, light and soft coat. The most common coat colors are black, brown and white. Westiepoos need regular brushing to prevent tangling and to look representative. Bathe your Westiepoo only in case of need, using a gentle shampoo. This breed is prone to liver disease, chronic skin problems, progressive retinal atrophy and epilepsy.


Early socialization and obedience training are strongly recommended. Westiepoo it is difficult to accustom to the fact that you can only defecate in the street, and the house cannot. This terrier will not submit to rigid and disrespectful teaching methods, in fact, this can only aggravate the teaching process. Hence, education should be fair and consistent and the trainer patient.


The Westiepoo can bear living in an apartment but thrives in big house with a fenced yard. Westiepoos enjoy walking on a leash, and due to their strong drive and high energy level, these dogs need plenty to roam around and explore.
 Photo credit: Gordito1869/Wikimedia

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