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10 Things You Need Before Getting a Dog

10 Things You Need Before Getting a Dog

Planning on welcoming a new puppy or dog into your family? Make sure that you are prepared! All dogs, no matter what size or breed, will need the same basic necessities to ensure that they are happy and healthy.

Here are the 10 basic things you will need before getting a new dog:

1. Trusted Veterinarian

As a dog owner, having a good veterinarian whom you can trust is extremely important. And it’s usually best to find one before you even get your dog so that you have someone to turn to whenever you have questions or concerns regarding your dog’s health and overall well-being.

2. Food

Obviously, this goes without saying. Some people tend to wait until they get the dog before buying food, but it’s always a good idea to have it ready before your furry friend arrives. And of course, make sure to get the right kind! If in doubt, consult with your veterinarian.

3. Water and Food Bowls

If you’ve got food, then you clearly need bowls. When choosing food bowls for your pet, make sure to pick the right material. Stainless steel bowls are best as they are safe, durable, and easy-to-clean, but glass or ceramic will also work. Just don’t choose plastic–they may be cheaper, but they are also a lot less durable (not good for dogs that like to chew things) and may also contain harmful chemicals that can leach into your pet’s food or water.

Also, make sure to pick the right size. You don’t want it too small that your dog will barely be able to fit his snout in there… or too big that your dog could end up falling in it.

4. Crate

Some people don’t bother with crate training, but they really should. There are many benefits to crate training. It helps with house training and provides your dog a “safe” place to stay in. When choosing a crate for your dog, make sure to get the right size. It should be just big enough for him to sit or stand in. However, if you are getting a puppy, get a slightly larger crate–one that will accommodate his adult size.

5. Bed

Unless you are planning to have your new dog sleep in your bed with you, you need to buy him his own! But of course, you can’t just grab anything that looks cute. You need to consider your dog’s specific needs before choosing a dog bed. If he’s short-haired, hairless, or just gets cold very easily, you need to get a bed that can provide more warmth–such as the Cozy Cave. If your dog is more on the furry side and needs a cooler bed option, check out self-cooling beds like the Furimals Warming and Cooling Pet Mat. You can put it in the microwave to make it warmer for the extra chilly days, or stick it in the freezer to make it nice and cool on hot summer days.

6. Leash and Collar/Harness

Again, this is quite obvious. You’re going to need a leash and collar or harness for when you walk your new canine pal, and it is important that you choose the right one according to your dog’s size, breed, and specific needs. When choosing a collar or harness for your dog, make sure to get something that’s made of a comfortable material that won’t chafe against his skin.

7. Treats

Dog treats are essential if you plan on training your dog, so make sure to get some before bringing him home. Aside from training, treats are also a great way to bond with your dog and to show him affection!

8. Toys

Playing with your dog is a great way to foster a good relationship with him, and toys can help you do that. In addition, they can also help keep your dog entertained when you aren’t home or when you are busy, as well as provide some much-needed mental stimulation–which is just as important as physical activity. Pick out a variety of toys for different purposes, such as balls and frisbees for playing fetch, or puzzle games (with treats in them) for mental stimulation.

9. Grooming Essentials

To keep your dog clean, healthy, and well-groomed, you will need some basic grooming tools on hand. This includes shampoo and conditioner (depending on your dog’s needs), a good brush or comb, a nail trimmer, and a few basic necessities for oral hygiene, such as a toothbrush, toothpaste, and even mouthwash–but make sure to get the ones made specifically for dogs, of course!

10. Pet Gate

There may be areas of the house that you won’t want to let your pet wander around in, so getting a gate to close off those areas is definitely a good idea.

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