American Bulldog

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American Bulldog Dog Breed

American Bulldog Dog



After the World War II, this breed almost disappeared, and only thanks to the efforts of John D. Johnson, the American Bulldog was saved. Originally, these dogs were kept by the farmers for the purpose of protection. The American Bulldog is extremely capable, hardy and versatile. Today, they are protectors, hunters and favorite family pets. This species is considered to be rare, and yet ranked first in its versatile capabilities. Comparable Breed: Bulldog, Pitbull.

Height: 20-28 inches  Weight: 60-120 pounds  Lifespan: 10-16 years


The American Bulldog is very athletic, powerful and muscular dog. This dog is stocky, well built and strong-looking dog. Thanks to its strength and agility, The American Bulldog can jump 3 feet or more. Its bravery, courage and fearlessness simply have no limits.


The American Bulldog is confident, friendly and social. It bonds strongly with its owners and gets along well with children, but due to its size, it fits better with older children. This breed has a good communication with other dogs, as well as with other pets, including cats. These faithful companions have a strong, protective instinct, they are suspicious of strangers, but not aggressive. The breed is not recommended for people with no experience.

Coat / Care:

The American Bulldog has a tight-fitting, short coat with harsh hair. The color can vary from white to brown and black. Black pigmentation on the nose and eye rims is preferred, with only some pink allowed. The coat should be brushed regularly and washed very rarely, using a mild shampoo. American Bulldogs are relatively healthy animals, not exposed to serious disease, but they are prone to joint problems.


Early education and socialization are compulsory, and lessons should be clear and consistent. The American Bulldog defies strict training methods, hence, the more acceptable option is to be patient and respectful. The main trait of this breed is its hunting and protective urge.


The American Bulldog enjoys action, games and long walks in the fresh air. This breed can adapt well in the apartment, but the ideal environment is a large yard. The main key for a healthy lifestyle is constant activity. Bulldogs love attention and communication with loved ones.


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