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Bedlington Terrier

Bedlington Terrier

Bedlington Terrier



The Bedlington Terrier is a breed of small dog named after the mining town in North East England, but informally, the Bedlington is often called a “Gypsy dog. This breed has been bred in England during the 18th century for hunting rodents and other small animals.

Height: 15.5-17.5 inches  Weight: 17-23 pounds  Lifespan: 11-16 years


Bedlingtons are noted for their similarity to lambs, and this is their most striking trait. This is active, muscular and quite balanced breed. Calm, gentle and affectionate, The Bedlington Terrier is never shy or nervous. He has tremendous energy, he is courageous and full of confidence. Comparable Breed: Whippet and Dandie Dinmont Terrier.


Bedlington Terriers are very attached to their owners. They are funny, lively, playful and loyal dogs. They are deeply committed to the family, and they love being around children. Bedlingtons get along well with cats and other pets in the house but will not tolerate the aggressive behavior. The Bedlington`s sweet lamblike appearance can be deceptive. Ultimately, he is a terrier, and if someone challenges him, he becomes a fierce and furious fighter. Despite his friendly attitude toward strangers, the Bedlington is an excellent watchdog because he is always ready to defend his family.

Coat / Care:

The Bedlington Terrier has a unique appearance. His coat is an unusual mix of hard and soft hair. The Bedlington’s body is covered with curly, easily separated and slightly crispy hair. The tips of the ears are decorated with a frill of silky hair. The thick double cover can be blue, yellow or liver. This dog is not a heavy shedder. Nevertheless, Bedlington Terriers require careful maintenance. You need to clean and brush your pet every day, and every six months it needs professional grooming. Bathe your pet only if necessary.

Health Problems:

Bedlington Terriers are generally healthy dogs, but like all breeds, they’re prone to Renal Cortical Hypoplasia, Retinal Dysplasia, DistichiasisPatellar Luxation, Copper Toxicosis. The Bedlington Terrier has a life expectancy of 11 to 16 years.


The Bedlington Terrier is stubborn and has the independent mind, so training process is a challenge. Coarse or oppressive methods are not recommended. Instead, try to use positive reinforcement techniques such as praise, play, and food rewards. Early socialization with other pets is a must in order to prevent potential aggression toward other animals (chasing instincts). Bedlington Terriers show themselves well in all kinds of sports, as they are fast, tenacious and agile.


The Bedlington Terrier can bear living in an apartment, but since this is fairly active breed, he must have regular opportunities to vent his energy. This breed is an excellent companion and enthusiastic partner in all family activities. The Bedlington enjoys long walks with his master but cannot be trusted off-leash.

Bedlington Terrier

Photo Credit: localpups/Flickr; localpups/Flickr

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