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The Boxerdoodle is a dog that was bred by crossing two breeds: The Boxer and the Poodle Standard. Such dogs are called “designer dogs”. Over time, they have become popular family companions, and could potentially be used for hunting.

Height: 10-25 inches  Weight: 50-70 pounds  Lifespan: 10-14 years


Well-built, strong, and agile, the Boxerdoodle is small or medium in size. He has well-developed muscles, fun look and strong body structure.


The Boxerdoodle is a perfect pet. He is affectionate and faithful. This playful and cheerful dog, always in a good mood, is a wonderful companion for older children. He also does well with dogs and cats, especially if they grew up together. Despite their liveliness and restlessness, Boxerdoodles have very sensitive nature. These dogs make very good guards, and in case of any suspicious sound or unexpected visitor, Boxerdoodles will awake the whole family with their loud barking.

Coat / Care:

Boxerdoodle`s coat can be very diverse: they have very curly, wavy, long and dense, and there are some species with short hair. Depending on what is the type of the cover, maintenance can be different: regular cleaning or professional grooming. Bathe your dog only when necessary, using mild shampoo.

Health Problems:

Typical diseases for this breed are hip dysplasia, epilepsy, allergies, skin problems, and progressive retinal atrophy.


It is recommended to conduct early socialization and training course. Although the Boxerdoodle can be quite stubborn and moody, he is clever and learns very quickly. Make sure you avoid harsh or heavy-handed methods. On the contrary, the training should be based on justice, firmness, patience and consistency.


The Boxerdoodle can be kept in a city apartment, provided that he exercises every day. This energetic dog enjoys walking with his owner, but he cannot be trusted without a leash.

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