The Chusky was created by crossing two breeds: Chow Chow and Siberian Husky. This dog is the right choice for the energetic, active people and those who want a healthy lifestyle. These hybrid dogs tend to be incredibly protective. They love family and hate to be away from home.

Height: 18-23 inches  Weight: 40-65lbs  Lifespan: 10-13 years


Chusky is  athletic, skinny dog.  The facial expression comes from the parents of Siberian Huskies. They have an average sized head, erect, pointed ears. They have like a Chow Chow almond-shaped eyes and a black nose. This hybrid dog has long and strong legs and his tail are feathered. His coat is straight and double.


These hybrid dogs are not for the inexperienced people, they are loyal and will do anything to protect their family. They are very energetic and playful. They  thrive on attention from his owner.  When they adapt completely to its new family, they will show a very affectionate and loyal side. The Chusky has calm nature, so he is an excellent dog to keep as family pets. Chusky can be great, loveable dog, this is especially important for kids.

Health Problems:

A common problem with the Chuskies, that are sometimes born without some  of their middle teeth. This makes it difficult to eat. This problem with the teeth can cause headaches.  Sometimes Chusky has a problem with eyes. A bigger problem with these dogs doesn’t exist.

Coat / Care:

The Chusky has a long dobule coat.  Colors include black, red, cream, white, brown and gold. These hybrid dogs aren’t suited for hot climates because of their long fur. The Chusky  needs to be brushed daily and you should control some of the sheddings. Bathing will help with the shedding, but you must use dog shampoo, not a human. You should clean his teeth at least 2 to 3  times week, and wipe his ears once a week.


This dog can be very stubborn, so training is not easy.  His owner, as a rule, should be a strong and dominant person to be able to have control over this dog. The best for him is to start socialization and training from a young age. The Chusky is very smart and obedient dog. An hour long walk per day will take care of his exercise needs. This dog will be very happy with getting 60 minutes of decent physical activity a day.


For this dog would be the best to live with energetic and active people.  This dog can live in the house, if he daily walks, otherwise, they will exhibit destructive behavior. The Chusky  isn’t  appropriate to keep it in an apartment. These dogs still need to have a small enclosed yard to play in. It is not recommended that this dog lives in warm areas.

Photo credit: Maxwell GS/Flickr

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