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Corgi Husky mix



The Horgi was created by crossing two breeds: Siberian Husky and the Welsh Corgi. This mix is also known as the Siborgi. The Corgi Husky mix can survive in most areas. And that is why it is requested and desirable hybrid dog. This is one of the most beautiful mixed breeds. This is a combination of sledding and herding dog. These dogs are very smart and energic.

Height: 13-15 inches  Weight: 20-50 pounds  Lifespan: 12-15 years


This is a small to medium-sized dog with a height of around 13 inches and weight of 20 to 50 pounds. The Horgi has short legs like the Corgi and face of a Husky. Their eyes are normally brown color. This designer dog has erect ears and rounded head and curled tail, which could be long or a short. Depending on the coat of parents, their coat can be different colors. This designer dog has a life expectancy of 12 to 15 years.


The Corgi Husky mix is intelligent and loyal dogs. They are obedient and very good with small children. Horgi will be a very good family dog getting along with the whole family and also visitors. This designer dog is an amazing protector. The Horgi is wary of strangers. This dog breed is loyal, loving, playful, energic, sociable. He is a very endearing dog that is full of love. He enjoys being active, so you should give him a lot of attention.

Coat / Care:

The Horgis coat is medium in length, straight. This coat is water-resistant, so this is great protection. The coat of this dog breed can look like the Corgi or the Husky and common colors are black, cream, sable, white, brown, blue, orange, red or brown. You should brush your dog once a week. Frequently brushing during these times will remove dead hairs from the coat. Corgi Husky mix loves to eat and is prone to obesity, so you must control his diet. Otherwise, there will be a health problem as hair loss.

Health Problems

No one dog isn’t completely healthy but neither is Horgi. This designer dog is prone to suffer from certain health problems because he is a mix of two dog breeds. The Horgi is prone to suffer from certain back problems during their lives. This dog has problems with eyes, skin problems, epilepsy, back problems, PDA, Von Willebrand’s Disease, DM, Hip dysplasia and obesity. If you wish healthy dog, you should ask to see health clearances, and for the parents too.


This is a very intelligent dog and he learns fast. With Horgi education is one nice experience. This type of dog is very obedient and if you train and socialize him still a puppy, when he grows, he will be very obedient and loyal. He has a lot of energy, so he should walk every day, and it is necessary to socialize with other dogs. You should use positive reinforcement methods, because this dog is obedient and easy for cooperation.


The Horgi can lives in a small apartment if he gets daily exercise. This dog is suitable to living in a house with a yard. The yard should be fenced for the safety of this little dog. When he has received early socialization the Horgi will be good with children and other pets. He is an amazing dog. He will fill the house with joy.

Photo credit: TechnoloGuy/Flickr

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