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Dog Life Insurance

Dog Life Insurance


Just like people, canine companions suffer from unexpected illnesses, accidents, and death. For these unexpected occasions, you cover yourself with health and life insurance. Policies exist to cover the same for your dog. Not all insurances are the same and not every dog owner needs a life insurance policy.

What is dog insurance?

Dog life insurance is different from the normal life insurance that humans usually buy. A dog life insurance is meant to cover the expenses related to the pet’s death. Owners of expensive breeds or famous show dogs can ensure their pets and receive benefits if the dog happens to die, accidentally, due to a disease or of old age.

Owners that spend lots of money on dog care, veterinarian checkups, grooming and other costs, can be reimbursed for their loss. You choose for your dog, the amount reimbursed could cover only expenses related to the death, such as cremation, you could also get a bereavement benefit.

What dog insurance cover?

Dog life insurance plans cover the costs related to a very narrow range of deaths. For example, the insurance company will not pay for the costs related to the death of an animal that died because of old age or hereditary disease. They cover costs related to sudden or accidental death, the sudden onset of terminal illness, and money equal to the dollar value of the pet so that it can be replaced.

Various causes of death are covered by insurance, such as death caused by diseases, injuries or accidents. Check what your options are for your pet insurance agent. Most likely you can combine your dog life insurance with the dog health insurance and/or his injury insurance. The pet’s health insurance covers the costs associated with veterinary visits and treatments, the injury insurance deals with costs related to accidents and the life insurance covers the costs of euthanasia, cremation or burial and might also give the owner a bereavement benefit.


1. Health Insurance

Health insurance for your dog is similar to your own health insurance policy. Depending on your choice of coverage, the insurance covers things like accidents, chronic illness and dental care. Many policies cover regular wellness visits and vaccinations as well. One area not covered by most health insurance policies, however, is death.

2. Life Insurance

Dog life insurance covers costs related to the passing of your canine companion. A life insurance policy covers expenses such as burial or cremation. Some policies also reimburse you for the cost of your companion dog. This sounds very impersonal, but for many owners, this insures their investment. Mortality and theft insurance is another name for this type of policy.

3. Unexpected Death

Years ago, families thought nothing of burying their family pet in the backyard, holding ceremonies and remembering their beloved pet and family member in a very personal way. Now, however, many cities have banned this practice and require specific burial procedures. Dog burial or cremation can be expensive and is the last thing a grieving pet parent wants to consider.

Remember that it’s important to buy dog health insurance when your dog is healthy, rather than when signs of illness have already started to show because dog insurance only covers conditions that have developed after the coverage is purchased.

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