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Educating a destructive dog

Educating a destructive dog

Educating a Destructive Dog

Clothing, table legs, shoes, mattresses, plants, and flowers are just some of the objects that may suffer the ravages of a destructive dog. And most of this is not a painful disorder that breaks occur, but often these attitudes end in physical punishment to the animal. The basic point in this issue is to understand that biting, digging holes or crack are typical behaviors of canine nature and would be totally inappropriate to try to eradicate them.



  • Primary destructive behavior
    • Not enough supervision
    • Not enough, or the wrong kind of chew toys
    • Not enough exercise
    • Not enough daily activity
  • Secondary destructive behavior
    • No causes have been found
    • Protecting territory may be both learned and inherited


Educating a destructive dog

But then how to educate a dog not to shred the home? What should I do to live with an animal like this? While training can be helpful in these cases the key is the rehabilitation of the environment What does that mean?

Well, the idea is to redirect the destructive dog behavior towards resistant objects, or unbreakable materials, to articles specially designed for that purpose, such as toys for dogs.
For dogs that do not resist the instinctive urge to punch holes in the garden, the solution will allocate a small portion of it to the pet and, through training and conditional reinforcement, teach the animal to just do their wells in that place. Another important point to consider is to understand why the dog has these harmful attitudes. As we said earlier, sometimes it’s just an expression of their canine nature, but often, this externalization factors that animal owners have much to do correspond. Stress, boredom, frustration or loneliness, can be very valid and common reasons why pets react to these attitudes. Then, if we find the reason for their inappropriate behavior, we can meet this unmet need and we will soon see a positive change in our rambunctious canine friend.

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