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The English Setter is a medium-sized breed of dog. It is a part of the Setter family, which includes the red Irish Setters, Irish Red and White Setters, and black-and-tan Gordon Setters. This breed was bred in France in the early 16th century by crossing Spanish Pointer, large Water Spaniel, and English Springer Spaniel. After it was brought to the UK, the breed has been significantly improved by Sir Edward Laveracks. The English Setter is designed to be an excellent bird dog. Today, these dogs continue to be used for hunting, but more often they are bred to participate in all kinds of dog shows.

Height: 18-21 inches  Weight: 40-55 pounds  Lifespan: 10-12 years


The English Setter is a great gentleman and has a truly endearing appearance. However, these dogs can be very stubborn, and therefore they need an experienced owner. Exceptional sensitivity of English Setters allows them to distinguish the slightest intonation of your voice. Providing good education, teaching, and adequately conducted socialization, this breed can become excellent for companionship. English Setters have very strong instincts which make them good hunting dogs.


Full of enthusiasm, the English Setter is great with families but can be a little timid around kids. Setters love to bark which makes them excellent watchdog. English Setters coexist peacefully with other dogs or cats but should not be left alone with small pets, as they consider them hunting objects. The English Setter is always ready to compete for the attention of the owner and needs his affection in return, otherwise its behavior can become destructive, even tyrannical.

Coat / Care:

The main body coat is short to medium length, lies flat and has a silky texture. Long silky coat, usually called “feathering”, is located on the outside of the ears, neck, chest, down the back of the front legs, under the belly and on the back legs. The tail is also feathered. Curly hair is considered a defect. English Setters which participate in exhibitions have much longer and thicker hair than field subspecies. Therefore, they need special care. The long feathered coat requires brushing every two days. In order not to disturb the natural fat of the cover, it is recommended to use dry shampoo. There are a few congenital conditions to watch out for.

Health Problems:

The English Setter is generally healthy dog breed, but like all breeds, they can be prone to Hip Dysplasia (HD), Hypothyroidism, Deafness and Elbow Dysplasia. The English Setter has a life expectancy of 10 to 12 years.

Weight / Height:

The male English Setter dog breed’s height is around 25 – 27 inches and weighs around 65 and 80 pounds. Female English Setter dogs can reach a size from 23 – 25 inches and weighs between 45 and 55 pounds. Male dogs are generally larger than females.


The English Setter may find it difficult to comply with the required procedure in the apartment, but with proper treatment and adequate training, the English Setter is a fairly apt puppy. It recommended conducting the obedience and socialization training at a young age. Since the English Setter is nervous and sensitive breed, training needs to be built upon positive reinforcement, and all errors should be corrected gently in order not to frighten the dog.


The English Setter can live in an apartment but needs plenty of exercises. Setters need long walks, as they were designed to run throughout the day. This breed is extremely vivid and energetic, so a large fenced yard is the ideal environment for these dogs.

Photo Credit: Jan/Flickr

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