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How to teach your dog to sit

How to teach your dog to sit

How to Teach your Dog to Sit

Before addressing the issue of teaching a dog to sit, we will teach your pet to come to you. Maybe I have passed as many people who have a dog for the first time, often become frustrated every time but tell your “Come”! a friend there and stares with a face of not understanding that you’re wanting to tell.

How to teach a pet to come?

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Unfortunately, dogs not instinctively understand the commands is something that many people have a dog fails to understand!

A good way to start teaching to respond to the command “Come!” Meaning “Come!” Whenever the dog moves in the direction where you are.

Then, reward him and pet him for coming to you, even without necessarily you’re done responding to your command.

Teaching your dog to go where you are in this way makes it less intense training and creates a very comforting situation for both you and your dog.

And now teach your dog to sit!

How to teach your dog to sit?

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The command “Sit” or “Sit!” Is usually one of the first people to want to teach your new dog.

However, I personally think it is more convenient to learn to come to you first, with the command “come!” Previously explained and then teach sit before offering the reward.

Teaching a dog to sit is simple, but must be done with patience and dedication.

Always reward your dog every time he does.

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Instead of simply pressing down on the back of the back and forcing him to sit usual, consider placing a hand there and the other under his chest, gently, then say “Sit down!” (Remember you do not need to shout, but if you use a tone of authority) while you apply a little pressure down in the rear and up into the chest area.

Reward your dog with caresses, flattery and a cookie! when you achieve the goal.

Ok … I know that now want to know how to make your dog stay in place when you order you will need that many times!

Once you have achieved that you feel, you are ready to learn to stay put.

How to teach a dog a to stay in place?

Place your dog in sitting position and reward him with a cookie.

Now put your hand in front of the muzzle of the dog (without touching) and say “Stop!“.Begins to recede back hand ever before.


Say “Good!” If your dog is kept on the site and allow to come to you for your reward after a few seconds.

Each time you repeat this process successfully increases the length of time until you get your dog to stay on the site for a full minute.

Always reward him with his cookies, petting and praise for a job well done.

Ideally be training in a quiet, yet you can toggle practice at home and in a public park to reinforce that “Freeze!” Means staying in place regardless of the environment where the command received.

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