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Irish Wolfhound

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Irish Wolfhound

Irish Wolfhound



The Irish Wolfhound is pretty calm, patient and intelligent dog. As a rule, he is great with people but cannot be left unattended with infants and young children.

Height: 31-36 inches  Weight: 105-120 pounds  Lifespan: 6-8 years


The large size of the Irish Wolfhound can be somewhat intimidating, but essentially, this is a very gentle and affectionate dog. For this particular reason, the Irish Wolfhound is not very popular as a watchdog. And even though the level of intelligence this breed is usually not too high, this shortcoming is easily offset by its desire to learn and to please its master. Comparable Breed: Borzoi, Scottish Deerhound.


Easygoing, sweet and with good manners, the Irish Wolfhound is an excellent pet and a good companion. He is naturally quiet and truly attached to all members of the family. This dog also gets along peacefully with other dogs, even cats, especially if properly socialized. Irish Wolfhounds are extremely fast runners.

Coat / Care:

The Irish Wolfhound’s coat is of medium length, tough and rough to the touch. The hair around the eyes and on the muzzle is somewhat longer and has a wiry structure. This breed sheds moderately. It is very important to regularly clean and comb the dog by using a rubber glove. In order to keep the coat healthy and beautifully looking, occasional professional trimming is a must. In addition, the Irish Wolfhound’s beard needs special care.


The Irish Wolfhound is an apt student who grasps all what you are trying to teach him. Education should be regular, persistent and, at the same time very tender. Obedience training should be carried out at young age, as this large and strong dog may be tough to handle later on.


It is best if this colossal dog is kept in a spacious yard. Since the Irish Wolfhound has a very strong prey drive, he can act unpredictable; therefore, he cannot be trusted without a leash. This dog loves to run around and enjoys long walks with his master.

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