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The Kromfohrlander is a recent German dog breed, which was developed in the 1940’s and 1950’s after World War 2. The name is pronounced ‘krome-fore-lahn-dair’, and most common nicknames are Lander, Landeri and Kromi. This breed was internationally recognized in August 1955. However, it is still a rarity, especially in the United States.

Height: 15-18 inches  Weight: 22-31 lbs  Lifespan: 10-15 years


The Kromfohrlander is a medium-sized dog. He has highly set, triangular ears, brown eyes slightly slanted and a medium long saber-like tail. It is grown in two varieties, as Rauhaar; and Smooth Kromfohrlander. Both varieties have a hair of medium length (about 7 cm long) on the back panel; and slightly shorter (about 3 cm long) hair on the sides. The wire-haired Kromfohrlander’s top coat is very dense and has a harsh texture. In addition, it forms a distinct beard and bushy eyebrows. Both wire-haired and short-haired subspecies have a dense, soft undercoat. Comparable Breed: The Kooikerhondje and Lowchen.


Playfulness and friendly nature make the Kromfohrlander an exceedingly pleasant housemate, which behaves exemplary indoors. He is reliable and faithful, without being intrusive, and affectionate without ever being obsequious. Kromfohrlanders are usually very cold towards strangers and children, and they tend to be very reserved at first. However, once they get familiar, these dogs behave kindly.

Coat / Care:

The Kromfohrlander’s coat comes in two variations. Accordingly, there are Wire-haired and Smooth-haired Kromfohrlanders. Representatives of both subspecies come in white, with brown, tan, and buff markings.


Wire-haired: The coat is dense and rough in texture. The most distinctive trait of this variety is the presence of a beard. Hence, the wire-haired Kromfohrländer resembles a terrier. The hair is harder on the back, front and rear legs than at the sides. The undercoat is short and very soft.

Smooth-haired: The coat is rather long, with density and soft texture. The hair is close to the body. The dog’s ears, the underside of the neck and chest are covered with a slightly longer hair. Also, light feathering on the backs of the front legs is desirable. The hair on the face and the muzzle are short. The undercoat is short and soft.

Health Problems:

The Kromfohrlander is generally healthy dog breed, but like all breeds, they can be prone to Epilepsy, Cystinuria and Patellar Luxation (knee dislocation).  The Kromfohrlander generally lives for 10 to 15 years.

Weight / Height

The male Kromfohrlander dog breed’s height is around 15 – 18 inches and weighs around 28 and 31 pounds. Female Kromfohrlander dogs can reach a size from 15 – 18 inches and weighs between 22 and 31 pounds.


The Kromfohrlander is a highly adaptable breed of dog, capable of learning very fast. He is sensitive, very affectionate and faithful to his master. Kromfohrlanders are said to have a very week hunting instinct. Aggression and anxiety are not desirable. Generally, this breed makes a pleasant companion.


The Kromfohrlander is an active dog that likes to participate in all sorts of family activities. He needs plenty of movement in order to stay healthy. This breed can bear apartment living, provided that it has a job to keep him occupied. If trained properly, Kromfohrländers are successful in a variety of canine sports. Besides, these dogs are very vigilant.


Photo Credit: Marc Meynadier/Flickr; Marc Meynadier/Flickr

Quick Information

Nicknames:Lander, Landeri, and Kromi
Origin:Germany, Europe
Average size: Small to Medium Dog Breed
Color:White, Brown, Tan
Energy Level:Active dog breed
Trainability:This dog is easy to train
Barking Level:Occasional
Intelligence:Very Intelligent and clever dog
Personality:Friendly, Lively, Adaptable
AKC Dog Ranking:Is not currently recognized by the AKC
Good family dog:Yes – Very good with socialization
Good with other dogs:Yes – Good with socialization
Good with children:Yes – But socialization is essential
Good with strangers:Yes – Good with socialization
Good apartment dog:Yes – Very good

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