Manchester Terrier

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Manchester Terrier



The Manchester Terrier was bred in the 19th century in England for the purpose of hunting rodents. There are two varieties of this breed: Standard and Toy. These dogs became especially popular during the reign of Queen Victoria; but today, the popularity of the Manchester Terrier has declined. However, Manchester Terriers are wonderful companions, and they still retain all their working qualities.

Height: 10-16 inches  Weight: 6-22 lbs  Lifespan: 14-16 years


Compact, agile, and muscular, the Manchester Terrier is an athletic dog. He is alive, alert and has a high level of intelligence. This is an elegant and graceful breed, very attractive in its appearance. These Terriers show very pleasant manners, and they are much more responsive than other members of this large family. Comparable Breed: Italian Greyhound, Whippet.


The Manchester Terrier is an extremely devoted friend, loyal not only to his master but to the whole family. Like all terriers, Manchester Terriers are extremely independent but will conscientiously perform their duties. These dogs get along well with older children; however, they are not recommended for those families who already have other pets. This is a fighting dog, which makes him a good watchdog, but he can be excessively aggressive. The Manchester Terrier is in great need of constant human attention, and he gets very attached to every single member of the family. If you leave him alone for a long period of time, the dog can survive severe stress. Furthermore, if you completely neglect your pet, he will become frustrated and aggressive.

Coat / Care:

The Manchester Terrier’s coat is short, dense, shiny, smooth and tightly adheres to the dog’s body. The color is charcoal black with distinct mahogany markings. Depending on the variety, shedding can be very low or completely absent. Hence, dogs of this breed require minimal maintenance. In order to make your Manchester Terrier look neat, it is essential to periodically clean him with a rubber glove or a bristle brush. Also, it is important to constantly check and clean the dog’s teeth and ears. The most characteristic diseases of this breed are cataracts, epilepsy, glaucoma (blood problem), patella luxation, and Von Willebrand’s disease. Make sure not to expose your pet to high temperatures.


The Manchester Terrier needs early and intense socialization and course of obedience. However, these dogs are very smart and eager to please their master, easily understand what is required of them. Be sure to avoid harsh or heavy-handed methods. The best results can be achieved by treating the dog with fairness, persistence, respect and patience. Manchester Terriers are very successful in agility and obedience competitions.


This is a very energetic breed, so it needs plenty of mental activity and regular exercise. The Manchester Terrier gets great pleasure from long walks with the owner on a leash. Also, this terrier loves playing games with his family in a well-fenced yard. Manchester Terriers should not be left unsupervised because they are the real masters of escape. In this respect, they simply have no equal. The Manchester Terrier can bear living in a city apartment, provided that he is properly trained not to bark, and of course, if the owner spends enough time with him.


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