Manchester Terrier Toy

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Manchester Terrier Toy

Manchester Terrier Toy



The Manchester Terrier Toy was bred in Manchester, England in the 19th century for the purpose of hunting foxes, rats and other rodents. Also, representatives of this breed are used as guard dogs and family companions.

Height: 10-12 inches  Weight: 6-8 pounds  Lifespan: 14-16 years


The Manchester Terrier Toy is a strong, elegant and graceful dog with expressive muzzle. He is very flexible, agile and observant.


Active and courageous, Manchester Terrier Toys are very loyal and faithful dogs. They enjoy being in the limelight and cannot stand loneliness and boredom. If left neglected, the Manchester Terrier Toy will bark incessantly and destroy everything around him. This breed is not suitable for families that already have other pets. However, the Manchester Terrier Toy gets along well with teenagers, which makes him an apt pet.

Coat / Care:

The Manchester Terrier Toy’s coat is shiny, smooth, short and dense. Periodically, this dog should be groomed with a stiff brush but bathed only when necessary. However, it is essential to regularly clean the dog’s ears. This breed has a tendency to glaucoma and von Willebrand disease.


This breed needs a dominant owner, as well as early and intense socialization and obedience training. The Manchester Terrier Toy is one of the gentlest and most sensitive breeds; therefore, he will not respond to harsh and rough training methods. The coach must be rigorous but fair and patient.


The Manchester Terrier Toy is not suitable for living in a city apartment. Like all terriers, he needs a significant amount of physical and mental work. Manchester Terrier Toys love playing with their family, they enjoy walking on a sturdy leash or on the loose in a well-fenced yard. Due to its agility, this breed can achieve great success in a variety of dog sports.

Photo credit: sally9258/Flickr

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