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Newfoundlands are often referred to simply as New. They have a deep bark but a sweet temper, they are highly loyal and make ideal working dogs. For this reason, this breed is known as “the gentle giant”. Since this is an extremely solid and powerful animal, the Newfoundland can be used for transportation of goods and he also goes well on the trail. Newfoundlands are renowned for saving people on the water. The Newfoundland was officially recognized by the American Kennel Club in 1886.

Weight: 100-150 pounds  Height: 26-28 inches  Lifespan: 8-10 years


The Newfoundland is a good-natured, brave and elegant dog, which seems to be the true embodiment of dignity and noble, majestic demeanor. This is a very loyal dog which makes him an excellent companion. It is believed that the Newfoundland is one of the most friendly pets.


Newfoundlands generously give all their love and affection. They are sociable and friendly with people they know, and very caring for children. Dogs of this breed get so attached to their family that can hardly get used to a new one. The Newfoundland needs constant contact with people and gets along with other pets. This is a friendly, affectionate, obedient and heroic dog. This Newfoundland is an excellent defender, always ready to protect his family of any type of danger.

Coat / Care:


In Newfoundlands, the coat is water-repellent and composed of two layers. The outer, woolen layer reaches an average length, it is straight, oily and coarse. Bellow is dense and soft undercoat. The color is usually black, with white, bronze, brown or even grey spots. The wool is excellent protection from the cold water and very cold climate. Shedding is very intense, as a result, Newfoundlands require daily cleaning. The undercoat varies in autumn and spring, which requires additional combing. In order not to disrupt the natural protective properties of the wool, bathe the dog only in the case of urgent need. It is best to use dry shampoo.

Health Problems:

The Newfoundland is generally healthy dog breed, but like all breeds, they can be prone to Hip Dysplasia, Elbow Dysplasia, Cherry eye, Hypothyroidism, Gastric Torsion, Cataracts, Obesity and Heart disease. The Newfoundland has a life expectancy of 8 to 10 years.

Weight / Height

The male Newfoundland dog breed’s height is around 27 – 28 inches and weighs around 130 and 150 pounds. Female Newfoundland dogs can reach a size from 26 – 27 inches and weighs between 100 and 120 pounds.


Newfoundlands are not always good students. This is extremely sensitive breed, which cannot be subjected to rough or insensitive training methods. The best results can be achieved with calm, patience and tender manner. Early socialization and training are essential for their evolving. Newfoundlands may be working or guard dogs.


The Newfoundland dog is renowned for its calm and docile nature and its strength. This dog enjoys playing with children, go for long walks, as well as swimming in the open water. This breed behaves absolutely calm indoors, which makes it perfect for keeping in a city apartment. The Newfoundland also enjoys walking freely in a small, fenced yard.

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