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Old English Sheepdog

Old English Sheepdog



The Old English Sheepdog is a friendly, intelligent, gentle and a bit lazy dog. This breed was developed in England from early pastoral types of dog, so, it has strong herding instincts. This is an excellent companion dog, likely to become a real member of the family. The Old English Sheepdog can protect his masters and his territory, but is rarely used as a guard dog, due to his tenderness. The Old English Sheepdog was officially recognized by the American Kennel Club in 1888.

Weight: 60-100 pounds  Height: 21-22 inches  Life expectancy: 10-12 years


The Old English Sheepdog has balanced character and gets along great with children and with other family members. However, due to his herding instincts, he may be trying to drive people to the fold, but these actions are harmless and do not cause trouble. If necessary, you can easily wean a dog from this bad habit.


Old English Sheepdogs usually show no signs of aggression or shyness. This dog is ideal for family life. Old English Sheepdogs comes both with their herding duties, as well as with any other dog work, so their natural habitat is the village. This is a great companion dog that can protect your family of any danger.

Coat / Care:

The Old English Sheepdog has a long, two-layer coat. The outer layer is rough, hard and wiry. The undercoat is soft, fluffy and water resistant. Old English Sheepdogs need to be regularly groomed, paying special attention to undercoat. This must be done to prevent tangling. The tail was traditionally docked in this breed, but these days undocked dogs are becoming a more common sight as many countries have now banned docking. The nickname Bob-tail (or Bobtail) remained though.

Health Problems:

The Old English Sheepdog is generally healthy dog breed, but like all breeds, they can be prone to Canine hip dysplasia, Cataracts, Progressive retinal atrophy (PRA), Hypothyroidism and Deafness. The Old English Sheepdog has a life expectancy of 10 to 12 years.

Weight / Height

The male Old English Sheepdog dog breed’s height is around 21 – 22 inches and weighs around 80 and 100 pounds. Female Old English Sheepdog dogs can reach a size from 21 – 22 inches and weighs between 60 and 85 pounds.


The Old English Sheepdog is a very smart animal. He is social and easily adaptable. However, it is sometimes too headstrong, so it requires a strong-willed coach. When training this dog, it is necessary to use a variety of teaching methods, as this will keep their attention and interest in the training.


Old English Sheepdog needs a medium-sized yard for walks and games, however, he can function without it, as long as he gets enough exercise outdoors. This dog loves to go camping and performing various tasks. It is important that he always has access to fresh water, as he quickly overheats because of his thick fur.

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